Long time no post First ever 21 hour shift

in #worklast year
I just worked for the longest period at one time in my entire life. 21 hours is no joke. I could not imagine working that long under a physically exhausting work load. Currently I just source materials as a sort of buyer. The snow caused me to have to work under emergency operations. Looks like I will have a similar opportunity in the future.

I have not found time to post and sorry about that. @esteem has been throwing me fits with the pin storage bug. Thank you for passing me a little bit of love. Now I am going to rest. At least I was able to get into a decent fleet save pattern and get my rewards cards most of the time. Keep battling steemians. Stash that bullion and crypto. Keep reading that real alternative news everyone. Stay safe to live long and prosper.

I hopped off of the wagon for a bit. I discovered that only people with CDL can be random tested.


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