WeedChat: New Community Initiative

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What's up my lovely weed lovers! Hope everyone is well on this fine Wednesday!

So today I am starting a new community engagement initiative to try and bring some activity and communication to our little blockchain network!

Today's Topic: Seeking out topics for Future WeedChats

Yeah it's a little silly today, but I want to get a grasp on what the community likes to discuss. I will be honest and say that I don't get to keep up in the @canna-curate channels as I would like as I am busy building allot of different things, but this is a great way to get a temp on some things that we can do to build engagement!

Don't forget... A Comment is A Post!

The cool part on Hive is that your comments can also count as posts in the way that your thoughtful comments can also be voted on and earn rewards! Plus it literally counts as a post...

So let's get to it!

What kind of topics would you like to see discussed on-chain?

Let's see some action in the comments!




Don't be afraid... Okay so I will start...

I would like to see some chats about seed banks and what are the most reputable and stealthy as far as shipping... Okay that is next week's subject... Now who is next? LOL

@bifbeans are friend of ours. They have great genetics, and are small time compared to the corporate entities. Shipping has always been on point:)

I would love to see more smoke reports, and or reviews on flower, edibles, tincture etc etc.

I know there are so many on Hive already who partakes, but don’t post about it. But hey why not! Unless it’s illegal, I understand. But if their ashamed, no need to be. Cannabis is medicine, and is safer then alcohol.

Awesome! I agree, more smoke reports and reviews!

More reviews would be great, Be good to get a tag going for this, Like strain-review or flower-review🤔 someone can likely come up with something better.

#highdeas or #stonerthoughts its open ended with a little more vague definition might get more usage then weed & weed grows. #Cannaco Or something like cannabis companies either blockchain weed projects or other forms of cannabis companies like cannabis investing, dispensaries, & Glass shops you want to discuss.

As for engagement Give away based on user metrics perhaps, NFTs given out like the Badges sorta but at random for commenting or posting something that month that did well was well crafted something like that

My thing is that the other networks don’t give stuff away for engagement. That actually starts a slippery slope of getting fake engagement just to try and win a prize. But I get where you are going.

I love reviewing dried flower, but I am thinking I should start doing some accessory reviews too who knows maybe beverages, topicals, etc luckily Canada has legalized it nationwide, and it's my everyday job as a florist :)

Right on, a most used accessory post and review kind of thing, sounds good! Just trying to bring some good chatter back to the blockchain!

What it do baby boo!