Weedcash.org Referral Program and Contest!

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Hello everyone! I want to be the first to let everyone know that the new https://weedcash.org site, which we are trying to use as a new front end to help generate new membership and to have off chain discussions, have educational info, etc, has a new referral program!

When you login with one of your other existing social networks...You will see a Referrals menu link. This will take you to your referrals page.

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Here is where you will see your referral link and if you have invited anyone, they will show up in your list! So if you do see a sign up, be sure to go welcome them to the community and engage with them!

The new site gives newcomers a place to engage with the community without having to create a Hive account yet. They can use one their existing social logins to register and login and get started talking in the WeedChat area. This can be a place to ask questions and get educated about Weedcash before diving into the deep end of the pool. So by existing members having a referral code, you can keep track of who you are bringing to our awesome community and help guide their way!

I am also offering the creation of a Weedcash branded QR code with your referral code embedded made by your's truly for a really cheap price, and you will be able to pay in WEED! The QR Code will look like this... which is my referral code:



Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 12.58.12 PM.png

You will get both files in PNG format!

You can use this to print on marketing materials or to ad to your posts, use on social media, or more! I may actually get a magnetic sign for my car made up...lol...

But I can make these for you for only $5 and will be a manual service but I should be able to knock them out in like 24 hours or less. You will see the option in your referral page!

Referral Contest for March 2021!

I am holding the first Weedcash referral contest for the month of March! The winner of the referral contest will receive a 5000 WEED delegation for the month of April, this will help you earn some more WEED tokens! I am also offering up a piece or two of Weedcash merch from @loonatic's store and will cover the shipping costs!

What do you do?

Well, you have to go to https://weedcash.org and Login/Register with one of the social options: Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wordpress... more options to come in the future... This get's you in the Weedchat and creates your account.

You will then see the Referrals page in the menu. Go and copy your referral link and share it across all of the social medias!

We want to bring in new blood into not only the Weedcash community, but also into Hive, and inviting them to our bridge site is a great way to do that because anyone with a traditional social account can join the chat and learn from the existing community!

I will be tallying up the totals of the first contest on April 1 and announcing a winner!

Good luck and let's make Weedcash the biggest community on Hive!



sounds amazing!

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Yeah I am excited. Going to do it on HiveHustlers as well!

nice QR codes

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Yeah I think they are fun

there epic

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This is genius, and I can't imagine this not making it easier and more likely for newcomers, especially Facebook users, to join Hive.

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Nice one man.. I've been meaning to get some of my friends signed up for weedcash recently 😉

It is a nice idea and initiative of yours :)
I saw the site before and as a member of the canna community would be cool to invite some friends who don't use HIVE yet... and maybe they'll find something interesting inside ;)

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If I win the contest, would you send the product to Argentina?

Yes I will ship the item if you win. Or I am about to release a limited set of NFT's that I can give you a choice of.