Spending That Government Cheese on Some Weed!

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That’s right! They sent me one of their little debit cards in the mail, so my first stop was the Amazon Organics, who is the only dispensary in town that just straight takes credit/debit cards, and hopefully soon crypto... working on that, lol. But anyway, picked up a variety of concentrates like some Gorilla Glue #4, Lemon Sour Diesel, and some Mob Boss.

Also picked up some Pinapple sativa which has a nice flavor as well as some gummies that I will be splitting up into daily doses! Figured I would let the govt buy me some weed stock, because, well simply, fuck them, lol. I am also planning on stocking up on some groceries and getting some maintenance done on the van and on the work car, so the rest is being used in other ways, but hey, weed has been considered essential so, why not stock up on my natural meds too!

Anyway, hope you guys have a great day!

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the Amazon Organics I checked it out damn they have a lot of good things

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Oh yeah, that's my home shop for sure. I get the hook up from them because I have been a regular for the 3 years I have been here. Plus they are the only ones that take cards, lol.

The US gov has probably bought like 20 tons of cannabis since last year, Ha serves them right I feel as if we are light A ton or two.

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Yeah if we get the 1400 it’s going to buy my solar and battery system for my cargo trailer that crypto is going to buy me. Going to turn. It into my utility/storage/grow trailer, and possibly a little crypto mining with some mini miners and raspberry pies. Possibly a small FPGA miner for some DGB. Could run it off of a cheap pay by the data cell plan because mining doesn’t take much of anything

irony also started growing with the gov check money and mining crypto using Boid on a GPU mining setup with a custom gaming computer. also some BTC mining with a phone farm and crypto tab but that's not real mining. Not bad for fake mining though I'm up to $230 which isn't bad for broken androids

I have some of the Futurebit Moonlander 2 mini usb asic miners that I could run from a raspberry pi and a hub or 2. Then I would like to find some Blackminer F1 mini's that only take like 50w and can mine DGB. The moonlanders are scrypt miners so I was hitting DGB with them too

What are you using to mine on Android these days? I had a little phone farm going too with ETN but that ended

crypto tab browser pro bought the pro version on sale for 6 devices its made 50x what I put into it $4 works with a SDM server dependent mining on android but they mine utilizing system resources on the pc version.

Then I also have 2 bitmain L3+'s in silencer boxes, but those would take a shit ton of solar just to run those. Being a nomad, gotta look at the more energy efficient methods. I take one of them with me to hotels though when I do that monthly and mine up some DGB while on their power, lol.

Thought those where tortillas at first! Lol right on you got your stimmy. If we get the 1400$ , hopefully I can finally upgrade to a light that will max out my 4x4 tent. Cheers!

Yeah, not holding my breath, lol.

Yeah I imagine they prioritize names for their pets over the important shit lol

I have no idea what you mean by that, lol, but yeah, they are completely useless at this point. I quit paying attention and took the Twatter off my home page and silenced notifications and my life has gotten much less stressful. Waking up to looking at Hive is so much better for my soul, lol.

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that is a good way to spend some trumpbucks