Happy ETHster Haul! Mob Boss and Dream Queen

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Went and picked up last night from my favorite shop, Amazon Organics in Eugene! Grabbed me up some of this Mob Boss and Dream Queen live resin. The Mob boss only cost $8 per gram and the Dream Queen was $14... what a great time to be alive, lol! At least if you are a cannabis lover that doesn’t pay attention to the news or mainstream social media anymore...

To be honest, I am really beginning to have pity for those who just can’t put it down... The screen that is. When I look on things like Twitter it even Hive, I see the same people are the ones that are writing about all the social purest and the stress of the world. To you guys and gals out there, please get off the screens, and go outside! It’s beautiful out here.

So that being said, I am done with the screen today! Not even watching any charts after this point... until tomorrow that is!

Happy ETHster because that seems to be the new crypto holiday, lol. I like it anyway. Let’s send it all to the moon and take the bunny with us! Lol! And here is the dabs kicking in, lol.

This dude is going down by the river and getting some nature time!

Be cool, be real, and abide!


Ohh 😲 enjoy it brother!! Happy Easter I’m chilling today need to enjoy some nice bong hits today.

Stay medicated.

I thought about it, but I am out hubbin that grub, lol. Today is all about stacking those sats and prepping for my cross country trip coming up in June!

Nicely said, mate!... I enjoyed some of the weekend... now preparing myself for the week. Its Monday already here.

I haven't tried them but I hope you enjoyed yourself man!

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Wow them prices are so cheap. How is it that cheap.

Dream queen sounds tasty.

Yeah man, it’s quite dreamy, lol. I do t know how they offer it so cheap, but this dude is t complaining, lol.

right if it is good and clean buy it up

Would love me some of that right now Lol

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