Happy 420 From A Finally Legal State!

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I really don't know a whole lot about 4:20 other than it's the internationally recognized time to get high! If you've heard of tea time, 4:20 is like tea time for stoners. Stop everything at 4:20 take a short break and blaze one with the homies! April 20th (4/20) also acts as a 4:20 holiday for those stoners that partake in this practice. April 20th is basically a stoners holiday!

The first time I heard of 420 was at a rave festival in Central Ohio around the mid 90s. When we pulled up to find our camping site a friend got all excited when he seen the 420 tent. He insisted we find a camping site within walking distance of the 420 tent then explained that everyone would meet there at 4:20 in the afternoon and 4:20 in the morning to smoke weed. I was skeptical and thought he was pulling my leg but that was exactly what happened. For Three days from Friday to Sunday at exactly 4:20 hundreds of wasted ravers showed up to share a nice toke with their fellow stoners. I loved the sense of comradery that was felt as you smoked weed with a hundred or so of your brand new best friends!

For me 4:20 is all about saying it's OK to smoke a little weed. There's nothing wrong with a little break, relaxing and mellowing out for a bit. I've got a couple friends who stop everything and like a call to prayer bust out their weed and indulge at 4:20 regardless of whether they're with people or by themselves!

I think 4:20 takes on a certain liberty for many in the US. After screaming and crying about marijuana laws we're finally having our voices heard one state at a time. NY, my state just passed recreational adult use and I couldn't be more happy. Enough innocent people have been persecuted for an innocent plant. (I won't use the term harmless because it tends to upset several people. I'll play devils advocate and say, "everything in moderation"). Like all things, there is a time and a place for everything.

For me I have issues with back pain, and I just like the feeling I get after smoking a little weed. I recently purchased some of the legal Delta 8 products that are now available and I have to say my back feels so much better already. My attitude is a lot better also. I'm one of those people that believe strongly in the wide array of medical uses marijuana can supply. I can't believe I'll finally be able to shop for my favorite products in a professional, legal atmosphere.

I said a long time ago when NY legalizes cannabis I'd quit drinking again! That sounds kind of funny because, I'm not quitting and I've never really "quit drinking" before. I guess I should say I'm done drinking "often". Yeah, that's much better. I won't be drinking often.

In my younger years I was a stoner, acid / shroom head. I rarely drank with the exception of special occasions like weddings, or a holiday. If I drank anything throughout the week it might be 1 beer or a single cocktail rarely two drinks in a single night and no more than once every couple weeks.

I think that was mainly because I worked in the local nightclub and entertainment industry. I was around alcohol all the time and didn't want to be an alcoholic. Plus I was always smoking weed and doing psychedelics, the alcohol just messed up my vibe and my buzz. I didn't see any need for it.

Now in my older years I'm probably considered a "frequent" drinker. I'm not an alcoholic or at least I don't thinks so, I guess I'll find out soon enough! I do drink frequently though, especially after the quarantine stuff. I'll have a drink at dinner a few nights a week, and tie one on once a week or a few times a month. I'd like to return to a very casual, social drinker, probably limiting myself to maybe one good binge drunk a month with friends (sometimes these things can't be avoided), and the very occasional social drink once or twice a month.

I have several reasons for doing this, mainly though I just feel better all the time. Nowadays, a hangover takes me two or three days to fully recover from. I hate feeling like crap for that long of a time. I'm probably back to smoking a few times a week. It's a cleaner high, better energy, better vibe, I just feel better about it. So far I'm going on about a week without a drink and I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm curious to see if I lose some weight too because of less alcohol.

The thing I really feel good about though is that now in my fifties I can finally enjoy cannabis legally. I don't have to concern myself with the social stigma that has been stuck with pot smokers all these years. I'm no longer made to feel like a criminal when I want to buy a bag of weed or some edibles! We should have access to these medicines, cures, remedies.

I guess to end this, I'm obviously a bit of a pot head so I'm in no way impartial. In the greater scheme of things though, I think this is a new age taking root and blooming. Regardless of how you feel about marijuana, I think this is more an issue of freedom. If you don't like it, or don't want to participate that's completely up to you, and your choice. I personally feel that should be said for all drugs. That's just me though and probably a good post for another day!

HAPPY 420 Friends!

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Happy 420.

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