Delta 8 Review - What A Surprise.

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I'm pretty excited about this and have been looking forward to it all day. Before I get started I'm going to leave a disclaimer here. This post is for adults and if you're not of legal age and treated like an adult where you reside please close this post now and go elsewhere.

OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way. A couple days ago I posted about legalized cannabis in NY state. It's going to be about a year before we start seeing dispensaries open here and one of my Twitter friends suggested I try some Delta 8 THC products. According to him, Delta 8 THC is derived from hemp and is legal in most states in the US. It's a little milder than Delta 9 THC which is derived from Cannabis.

Without getting overly eggheaded about it. Hemp is used for clothing, CBD oil, and rope and technically doesn't get you high. Cannabis is Hemps black sheep cousin that gets you very high! Regardless, because Delta 8 THC is derived from hemp it's legal in many states in the US under current hemp regulations.

Basically delta 9 THC is found in cannabis. Delta 8 THC which is one molecule off from Delta 9 also gets you high but is found in such small amounts in hemp you really can't get high from it.

Apparently someone had the brilliant idea of extracting and concentrating delta 8 THC from the hemp plant. In concentrated form it's supposed to be a slightly milder version of Delta 9. Most people describe it as a typical weed high without a lot of the anxiety and paranoia often felt by cannabis users.

Sounds good to me. As soon as I heard about it, I did some research then searched out a source. Although legal in most states in the US, I'm not going to post a link. If you DYOR and search out "Delta 8 THC" in any search engine, you'll find no shortage of venders. It comes in several different forms, flower, edibles and dabs. I decided on the vape carts.


So I spent the day cleaning house and watching Dogecoin go to the moon and make a lot of people filthy rich! I'm not one of them :( Still The Dood doesn't hate... If you made life changing money on your Doge holdings, congrats! I'm sincerely happy for you! You seen an opportunity and took it. Don't let anyone tell you that you got lucky. You were smart! WTG!

I digress. After spending the day cleaning house I thought it would be fun to relax and spend the evening sampling a Delta 8 THC product and record my findings on the Hive blockchain. Basically, "I'm testing Delta 8 THC so you don't have to" It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it 🤣

Before I get started I'm not a daily cannabis user. I tend to smoke in the evening and on the weekends. Occasionally I'll puff a little before bed throughout the week. The last time I did anything with THC was probably a couple weeks ago. My tolerance level should be really low.

My first time vaping THC was in December. A friend gave me a vape cart for Christmas.It was a pharmaceutical cart from a NY medical dispensary. I was actually blown away at how good NY medical cannabis is If this is half as good as that I'll be blown away!

Puff One

Time: 6:25 Dosage: Single puff

OK... I took a really large puff and hacked away coughing. The flavor is Strawnana which I guess is a combination of Strawberry bannana. Nice flavor for sure. As soon as I started coughing I felt the buzz go right to my head. I can feel mild effects immediately. Very pleased so far. Feels like I just took a hit of some weed or vape cart. Impressive!

It's now 6:45. Getting ready to take a second hit. Right now I have a really nice head buzz. Definitely high. This is pretty wild. I really wasn't expecting it to be this potent! Selected "Cheech & Chongs Still Smokin" for tonights entertainment. Seemed appropriate and I could use a good laugh.

Time:6:46 Dosage: Second puff

Took a much smaller puff. Actually tasted it this time. Nice balanced taste of Strawberries and banana. I didn't really cough this time. Already feeling a little higher! I'm liking this A LOT!

Time: 7:25 Dosage: Third puff & Fourth puff

So an hour into this and I was really good with 2 puffs. Definitely buzzed. I will describe it as a more heady, uppity kind of buzz. I like it a lot. Definitely different than a normal cannabis buzz, but light and airey. Sounds kind of goofy but that's really the only way to describe it. I don't have that strong lethargic feeling I often get with cannabis. I feel more energetic. If This was a normal night, I probably wouldn't take another puff right now, but I'm enjoying the movie and I really want to take a "deep dive" into this and see what is possible. So Now taking my third puff at 7:27.

I took a little bit larger hit this time. The flavor is a little stronger now. It is a candy like taste. Also aromatic but not smelly. One of the reasons I like Vape Carts, they don't stink up the entire house with smoke. Feeling REALLY good after this third puff. I might even like this a little more than regular cannabis. It's a very interesting high to say the least. Now 7:31, I'm going to take one more puff to really see how it affects me. I'm holding each hit in for about 10 seconds.

Time 10:25

Wow! 4 hits was a really great buzz for the night. I would have been fine at hit 2 or 3. I'm shocked at how good this was. Most people seemed to play it off like it was so much weaker, but I really didn't notice much of a difference. I'd totally by this product again. As a matter of fact if I had a choice between a Delta 8 THC vape cart derived from HEMP or a Delta 9 THC cart derived from Cannabis, I might choose the Hemp derived product. On top of that, it's much cheaper than a cannabis cart for some reason. Price alone, I'd probably pick Delta 8 over its cannabis cousin.

Honestly, now at 10:30 in the evening if you were to not tell me what I vaped, I'd guess it was a cannabis derived THC cart. Being a casul user, I really couldn't tell the difference. I absolutely loved it. I'll definitely try some of the other delta 8 products now!

Well that's it for this post, I'm probably going to take a couple more hits, play some guitar, and sleep very well tonight. Four hours later, I'm just starting to get a very subtle "burn out" sort of feeling.

Good night everyone!

This is post 15 of 31 for this months #HiveBloPoMo... I think I forgot yesterdays post :( Still gonna try and carry on for the rest of the month.

Nice! So cool to have vape carts with delta 8.

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I was pretty impressed for a first timer.

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Damn, this is actually more revolutionary than one might think. A legal high is really a beautiful thing. I might see about getting this in my country, or maybe just keep smoking on the lowest of low lows😃