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It has been about a month since I've done my last Delta 8 review. Not sure about the legalities of this stuff, I decided to take a little trip around town to see if any of my favorite local smoke shops were carrying any of these products. I stopped at two small stores in my neighborhood that I thought would carry this type of product and was happy to discover both carrying Delta 8 products.

The first place I stopped at was your classic "head shop" that carries a wide array of smoking accessories and other fun "party" products. I was also shopping around for an old skool acrylic bong. They didn't have the bong I was looking for, but they did have a nice selection of Delta 8 products consisting of THC vape carts, hash, moonrocks and some hemp flower. I decided on trying some of the hemp flower to compare it to what I ordered over the internet.


I bought 7 grams or a 1/4 ounce. It came in a plastic screw top bottle. Almost all buds and very little shake at the bottom.


The white thing on the side of the bottle is some kind of moisture packet that is supposed to keep the bottle at the right humidity.

I found the White Whale that I ordered over the internet a little harsh in taste. The White Whale reminded me of a low grade commercial weed a little harsh in taste but effective in getting the job done with a nice buzz. This TKO indica was much smoother and reminded me of a really decent homegrown in both taste and texture. The buds were soft and sticky and broke apart nicely. The high was very pleasant and probably about the same potency as the White Whale that I ordered online.


I love the way this stuff looks. Tastes about as good as it looks. The one thing I've found about the Delta 8 hemp flower is that it smokes really nice in a bong, but seems a little harsh when smoking in joints. So far both strains were similar in effect. A few hits and you know you've smoked some weed.

I was watching a video on Delta 8 on YouTube and the guy said for the most part it's the same as a cannabis high you just have to smoke a little more. I think that's fairly accurate. If it normally takes 2 to 3 hits of a decent cannabis to get you high, Delta 8 will probably take about 4 to 6 hits for a very similar buzz.

I use the term similar buzz because it's a similar high, but much different. Surprisingly, most people report that Delta 8 hemp doesn't give them the paranoia or anxiety a lot of cannabis users might experience. I have to agree with this. As a matter of fact, I did a little experiment one night and smoked a lot of this stuff. Any cannabis related anxiety is close to non-existent with this stuff. I've had other people confirm this as well. I've also read several reports online of people who have experienced anxiety when smoking this in really large quantities. That wasn't my experience, but probably something to take note of.

Generally, I don't get a lot of anxiety when smoking cannabis. I've always said, that pot has a way of bringing any problems you need to confront to light. When I do experience anxiety smoking cannabis, I make a mental note of what's stressing me, then try to address it when the high wears off. At least, that's what works for me.

With Delta 8, it doesn't seem to have that effect. The high is certainly there, but it's a really spacey, energetic high with very little if no anxiety or paranoia at all. At least, that's been my experience.

In the greater scheme of things, besides price, I think for the experience alone, I enjoy Delta 8 products more than Cannabis.

Now this stuff costed a little over $40 USD for 7 grams at the local store. Which compared to the internet seems a little pricey to me. Shopping around online, I've been finding some decent products for around $100 an ounce. Still, it's nice to be able to go to the corner smoke shop from time to time when the need arises.


Here's the acrylic bong I purchased. Everything is glass now and it's getting really hard to find these old skool acrylic bongs, at least where I'm at. I'm clumsy and a glass bong or pipe never lasts more than a couple months. Acrylic is just a better solution for me. I ordered this online and this is the pipe I used to test the effects of smoking a lot of Delta 8. I didn't weigh it, but I had to smoke close to a couple grams of Delta 8 throughout the night while I relaxed watching TV. Happy to report, I got extremely high with close to no anxious feeling what so ever. With that said, if you've abstained from cannabis because you suffer from anxiety when you smoke it, you might want to research some of the Delta 8 products that are now available online. (My understanding is that this is strictly US and most companies won't export outside the country for legal reasons.) It's also available in MOST states but there are several states where it can't be purchased. You might want to look into your local laws before you order online if you decide to try this.

For some reason, both stores I shopped at locally carried the same TKO products. Prices were within a couple dollars of each other. In the next couple weeks, I'm going to go downtown. We have a couple streets that are all head shops in the trendy part of town. I want to see what types of products these places carry.

I've already got another review coming for Blueberry Moonrocks. I'm also planning a post on the benefits and affects I've received from Delta 8. I'll probably post that next week sometime.

Have you tried any of the Delta 8 products? If so, I'd love to read your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


Its all highly illegal here. Last time I tried Skunk it was unpleasant and I got paranoid.

Its all highly illegal here.

They just legalized recreational use in the state I'm in. I'm really happy about it. We don't have any dispensaries open yet, but they say they should be open by this time next year. The Delta 8 is derived from hemp, and it's basically slipping through a legal loophole because hemp products are legal here. I'm guessing it's just a matter of time till they straighten this out and it will only be available from licensed dispensaries.

Last time I tried Skunk it was unpleasant and I got paranoid.

Not sure if that's a cannabis strain, or a synthetic. A lot of people get paranoia and anxiety from cannabis. I haven't tried any of the synthetics. They were selling those legally here a few years back but a lot of people had really bad reactions to it so they outlawed it immediately. That was around the time of the "bath salts" craze. I didn't try any of that either!

Yeah man every time you buy the cheap stuff it really bites you in the rump I know because even here in Oregon we still have low grade in the stores because it is cheap and it definitely does sell.


I kind of agree with that. I think it's a matter of preference. For me personally I like a weaker strain. For the most part, I've always been a commercial smoker. I enjoy the high end "sticky icky" as much as the next guy, but sometimes it can be "a little much". I enjoy a nice buzz and all the benefits that come with, but still like to have my "head or wits" about me. Some of the high end dank stuff can be a little too much at times IMHO. To each their own I guess. I can't wait till our dispensaries open though. It will be nice to have a selection. I've always had to rely on whatever the local "dealer" had available. I can't wait to have a selection to choose from!


Actually. I prefer the high end stuff. Taste. Sorry that's where that really is.

The lower end stuff is well bad. No terps really left. Barn dried taste. Homegrown is better because people took care of thier flowers.

But I load a packer bowl. Take a measured puff. Not gonna blow out my lungs. But enough. One two puffs and cap it to not allow my good sweet cannabis flower to burn away.

I'm good I'll pick it up in a min when I need to level up.

Boom. Yeah man. Beats smoking 4 bowls to go places when medically I'm relying on this for pain relief.

Good points for sure. You definitely have to smoke much less with the "good stuff".

Next summer we'll be able to grow up to 3 full size plants legally so I'll probably be growing my own! I can't wait.

I'd rather do those 3 plants indoors and perpetual. Every 60 or so days another one comes down. And with a small system and being quiet? Who cares if an extra plant goes through.

Or. Plant 2 together. Then wrap then around eachother. Fun trick. I gotta look at my old grow pics. Had a pair of clones grow together accidentally and I did that. It was like lovers and a total balance between them.

I love that idea of planting 2 together. I'd be happy growing just enough to never have to buy it in the dispensary. The dispensary prices are ridiculous here. Medical dispensaries are currently getting $60 to $75 on eighth. A huge chunk of that is state taxes. They're taking advantage of the sick, plus the medical license is over $100 every 6 months. Our politicians should be ashamed of themselves!

Nice review, although bud kinda looks low grade. I’ve had the same experience with buying cbd bud online as well. Guess that’s what comes along with large outdoor farms. So is the blueberry moon rocks delta 8 as well?

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Yes the Moonrocks are Delta 8. For the time being that's all that is available legally here. Definitely a lower end bud, I've yet to purchase a Delta 8 product that was like a high end cannabis. Most of it seems to be comparable to a local grown outdoor or decent commercial product. Legal dispensaries wont be open until around this time next year. I'm really enjoying the Delta 8 products a lot though.

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