Delta 8 CBG Infused Hemp Flower - Just In Time For The Weekend!

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Last week I reviewed a Delta 8 Vape cart. You can find the link to that post at the end of this one if you missed it. This week I found some Delta 8 Hemp Flower. Marketed as Delta 8 / CBG infused White Whale. Purchased from a company called Hemper. DYOR not using any links. This is a definite grey area so I'm not trying to promote anything just sharing my experience for other like minded or curious individuals. 🤣


As soon as I tore open the top of the bag I could smell the fragrant aroma of skunky scented goodness. Surprisingly you couldn't smell it through the pouch it came in. The pouch does have like a zip lock top to keep the product fresh. I liked that a lot. This is 3.5 grams, 1/8 an eighth.


The buds were nice and dry. Pretty dense for the most part. I found them well manicured and light on stems. The next time I do one of these reviews I'll try and get a better image of the buds.


11:15 AM

Took 3 hits in an old bowl. Should have used something cleaner to get a better taste. Tasted slighlty skunky, sweet, with essence of dirty old bowl that hasn't been cleaned in awhile :( 3 hits gave me a nice light heady buzz. Reminds me of the green sensi buds we used to get in the 80s back in the Columbian Gold days :) For any smokers that remember that era. For everyone else, if you didn't tell me what I was smoking I'd guess maybe a lower grade cannabis or decent homegrown.

Took a fourth hit and it gave me a really nice "high" feeling.

I like the flower a lot more than the vape cart. I think the vape cart is a better value as far as "high for your buck" but the vape carts seem to get a little heavy on the lungs and the artificial flavors get a little strong after a night of vaping. The Hemp flower on the other hand is smoother and doesn't leave me with that heavy feeling like I just smoked half a pack of cigarettes. You would think it would be the opposite but for some reason it isn't for me.


Took a couple rips off a bong. Forgot to get a picture. It was much cleaner than the bowl I used previously. Nice taste. Has a sensi sweetness to it. Light skunky aftertaste. Very pleasant.

Still feeling great from the hits I took earlier. The two bong hits put me in a nice spacey high. Certainly not overpowering, but nicely buzzed. I'm liking this feeling A LOT! Just a pleasant, mellow high for sure. I can work with this! Perfect for a light afternoon buzz so far.


Those 6 hits from earlier today kept me good and buzzed throughout the day. Somewhere between 4 and 5 o'clock I stopped feeling high and more like spaced out. So whatever I smoked this morning was good enough to enjoy throughout the day.


About 7:30 I rolled up a joint. I really wanted to taste it and also dive a little deeper into this by truly experiencing it. Unfortunately the store I went to only had Top rolling papers. Not the best quality wraps. I tasted a lot of paper. After getting about halfway into the doob though it had a really nice taste. The smoke wasn't harsh. Reminded me of a basic commercial sensi. I really don't know how to describe taste. Tasted like halfway decent pot maybe homegrown.


It's now 8:00 in the evening. I caught a really nice buzz off the tiny joint I smoked. I was a little nervous about smoking an entire doob for the first time. I got nice and high, nothing crazy though. I actually like that fact. Sometimes you don't want to feel "completely off your tits". This is a nice solution. Relax, smoke a doob but still be able to function.

Last week I posted about the Delta 8 Vape Carts.
Between this product and the vape carts, the vape carts packed a MUCH heavier punch.

I can only describe the high as a little more spaced out but much less intense then regular cannabis. It's also kind of an energetic buzz. Delta 8 doesn't seem to give me that lethargic feeling I get when using cannabis products.

With the vape carts, if nobody told me I wasn't vaping normal Delta 9 THC, I'd probably not know the difference. I think the same could be said for this Delta 8 hemp flower. If somebody just gave this to me and didn't tell me what it was, I'd guess it was a low grade homegrown skunk bud of some type.

Overall, I'm really glad I discovered the Delta 8 products. I hope these products stay on the market for awhile. I think they're a nice alternative to Cannabis derived THC products. I'm looking forward to experimenting with this much more in the future. Looking into some edibles next.

You can probably expect at least a couple of these reviews a month now. I'm pretty excited about legalized weed in NY. Until our dispensaries open, I'll be reviewing different Delta 8 products as long as I have access to them. Thanks for reading and happy trails :)


Wow, thats interesting! So, let me understand. This strain are rich on CBG naturally or are "upgrated" with cbg extract on the flowers? And how are the levels of thc and cbd?

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I'm pretty new to this and have been researching and learning as I go. My understanding is that the cbg and Delta 8 are extracted from hemp and concentrated then the oil is infused into the hemp flower (buds). The legal loophole in the US is because everything is derived from hemp and not cannabis.

Ohh! Understand! Thanks for explanation!

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