WeedCash Petition - Testing The Weedcash Petition System

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This post is mostly to make sure the governance system collects this petition as expected...

To create a petition for Weedcash Governance, a user creates a post using the tags: #weedcash-gov and #weedcash-petition, as well as set 100% beneficiary to @weedcash-gov (the new Weedcash Governance Account)

When a weedcash user upvotes your petition post they are showing their support and "signing" your petition with their Weedcash Governance Power ( GP is calculated based on your WEED stake as well as staked WEEDM and WEEDMM). The funds from the petition will all go to the weedcash governance account!

A Weedcash petition could be used for many things, exactly how you use it will be up to the community.

(Next up we test-fire a proposal, because those are what you guys really want)...


Your petition has been confirmed by The Governator.

Weedcash petitions, prorosals and The Governator (weedcash edition) are powered by Archon Governance All rewards from this comment go to the weedcash governance fund

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Sounds dope! Would love to see what people can conjure up.

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