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I want to do more to spread the word about so I am going to be taking my time to share with you some of the better posts that I can find on the site. Sometimes they will be about more than just Weed.

I am going to start with a post by @hashkings Double the Beans, Double the Fun Is sharing a post about increasing the rewards in the game for playing. This is a push to try and get more people playing. I might have to check out the game soon. steemit link

Next, you might want to check out a post by@nigeriastoner Is Cannabis Really For Pain? This is a really good looking post. He is going over using Cannabis for pain. Also, he offers to write stuff for you if you have ideas but can't write like this. steemit link

Last today is /@stickyfingerz sharing some really cool news. STICKY FINGERZ DISPENSARY DENVER & WEEDCASH 10% SIGNUP AND POST DISCOUNT:))) It is really cool to see a real world place see how good this site is for the industry. They are going to be offering a discount to customers that sign up for and are active on it. That is pretty big news to see a site getting a reward at a real-world shop. steemit link

Tell me what one of the posts you liked the most and you will have a shot to win 20 WeedCash. If my post nets me more than 20 Liquid WeedCash I will pick a second winner. I am a member of the @contestkings so as always no upvote, follow or resteem is required to enter just check out the post and tell me what you liked best. Besides the WeedCash tokens, a random comment will get a SBI share. I will use steemify to pick winners with comments that I feel count. If you don't talk about one of the posts above you can't win.

WeedCash Winner is.

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SBI share winner

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Congrats to @eii and @uhersi007

Prizes have been sent out.

Winners from this will be picked after the WeedCash post-payout in 4 days.



All 3 are great, but I have to go with Sticky Fingers. This is huge!

It really is big news. I hope it can spread. How many more users could stuff like this lead to? A few to a few thousand and more.

Just FYI is still going to be the site with the tribe, should be where we have the actual website for the token to describe the white paper, concept, community, like what has for example.The actual DAPP needs to be separate so people know we have everything, and weve slowly gathered together a PILE of products and services! stacked so high LIKE iNCA gold IN PIZAROS INCA EMPIRE


Thank you @stever82.

I like the post by @hashkings.

@stever82, In my opinion @nigeriastoner came up with some effective Research Points regarding how ancient people used Cannabis as Pain Relieve.

Keep up the engagement boosting work and stay blessed.

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Thank you so much for the motivating comment.


Welcome and have a great time ahead.

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never heard about this website is it similar to seemit?

Thank you Steve for the mention and putting my post with other weedcash authors.

Smoke on Buddy!