Experimenting With CBD Soda for Inflammation Relief

in #weedcash3 days ago

I'm not going to lie and say this is purely medicinal because of the bourbon, but therapeutic benefits are sometimes appreciated. The alcohol seems to speed up the metabolic process of the cannabis, which is pretty interesting. Too much booze counters the benefits of the CBD though.
Because the mechanism of absorption is highly emulsified oil, I have to wonder if the soda and alcohol aid in sublingual absorption like tinctures seem to. Either way, this turned out tasty.

I wanted to add a bit of orange bitters to the Hounds Tooth soda and this is what happened. My recipe was off the cuff.

Up to 1 ounce of bourbon
A few splashes of orange bitters
One can of Hounds Tooth Soda

Splash bitters over a handful of ice. Add bourbon. Pour chilled soda over the ice. Enjoy responsibly.

Felt nice and relaxed about 10 minutes after the first 1/4 glass. Slightly buzzed head at 1/2 and overall ache and pain reduction is decent and will definitely benefit my sleep tonight.

Much love and stay well.