Grow Update: 3 re-veg projects and 13 seedlings

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Hello Smokers 🔥🔥🔥 🔥

Here we go again! 3 re-veg projects and 13 seedlings (3 feminized, 10 regs) I think if my female to male ratio is high on the reg seedlings I'm going to have to get another tent.


Hi. Can you please tell me how big is your tent and what equipment do you use for growing?
And why trying luck with regular seeds?
If you have time check my blog about building DiY growroom and later on, cultivating.
Tnx for answers :)

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Im going to start referring to you as the Reveg master! Lol. Good to see an update from you. Keep them coming brother, i mean Reveg master!

Lol, it's my pleasure but will prefer my username @smokerings. Cheers!

Lol, deal. And cheers back at you. Beer coming your way.


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!BEER for some of those bitcoinmyk?

I would love to curate your post. Unfortunately I couldn't find one.

Yeah I really need to start creating content again.

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Interesting project, you should start a tutorial separated in many post. I'm very interested.

I will look into that, thank you.

Looking really good .

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