DIY - How to construct your own growroom? part one

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Hi! Steemians and Weedians. Time is running fast and slightly I feel bad for fact that it takes a lifetime from post to post for me to publish.

But this is a hobby and lot of things needs to be done in
"everyday normal life".
So finally I catches some time to build myself a growroom. During time I decided that money for materials can be spent much smarter so I collected some profiles for Knauff and Knauff plates, OSB plates, screws, PVC sheets through
"everyday normal job".
Only thing that is bought, for real in shop, with money,
And I used a three roils of 50 meters (164ft).
So eventually in growroom is embedded 150 meters (492ft) of duck tape!

It would be nice that posts are not so long and maybe a bit boring so because of that I will split working and publishing processes in few parts.

And here we go!!!


First I made a frame from "U"profiles on the right side and on the left side prepared some "L" profiles for shelves. Space is divided with two Knauff plates, green for moisture inside growroom and normal one for outside wall.
OSB plate comes on top and that is gonna be ceiling for growroom and shelf for my
"Pro Gear Class2 - 600w".
Later, idea came on to me that maybe I could put a "Vents BK 200" also on ceiling.

Next post will be how appliances are solved with photos of implementation.

For now we are still building construction.


Here you can see frame of growroom. Its pretty stiffed


how it looks when you put Knauff on it


Now only thing left is to construct doors with good sealing. That`s gonna be a bit tricky, but that will be the last thing to do.

After putting some shelves, and setting profiles for construction of outer Knauff wall


For now it is enough!

On next post (in a few days, don`t worry) there will be photos of the growroom interior and description how appliances are installed.

Till then feel free to ask anything you wonder.

Or comment if you like?

And in the end make some objections if you have one!

See you soon :)

Smf07 aka @smf37

Shout out to Everyday Normal Guy


Very cool post series! Im sure lots of people can use this info, and i really hope they do! Not only because we need more growers here on Steem, but more people should take the power into their own hands and grow there own. Much respect, and looking foreword to the next post.

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Thank you for your support :)

Nice set up you got started. When you get the grow started come check out the weeklygrowlog tag for the weekly contest.

Tnx. I will for sure :)

Yeah important thing is to not burn your self out with posts. I personally shoot for at least once a week. But now that my seedlings are turning into teens, I should have more to post about, and hopefully bump up my posting to twice a week. Cant wait to see this room filled with tomatoes, ;)

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Haha after tomato's I am not sure what you meant with burning posts :D enjoy life whatever it meant :)

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