DIY - GROWROOM from scratches

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It's been a while from publishing my intro on Steeemit!

Time is spent in learning about steemit blockchain, upvoting, commenting a bit, reposting and exploring huge steemit world.
From time to time I posted some photos that are taken by me with mobile phone. Nothing serious, neither very much valuable for steemians.
But it was helpful for me to start understanding the steemian world.

Like it is written in intro, plan here is to publish interesting,
useful and valuable articles(haha, this link is not that :D).

Opinion is that it is time for start doing what is announced in
#introduceyourself post.
While exploring steemit lots of community's with same interests
bumped onto me!
One that is most interested to me is WeedCash
Also my recommendations are @canna-curate and weedcash.rewards
Strings that connects us are smoke and joy of growing.

So for my serious engagement in Steemit blogging I decided to do serial of articles about growing weed at home.

In my head, article's are divided in three groups:

  • first group will be series of articles containing DIY project

    How to construct your own growroom?

  • second one will be showcase of whole growing process

    From seed to harvest!

  • and in the third group of articles the most important thing
    if you want to have the best of strain

    How to dry your buds and curing process?
    What to do with the harvest, except smoke it :)

Articles will be published periodically in order of constructing the growroom, growing perfect buds, harvesting and enjoin in it!
The plan is to post only the first grow in DIY growroom, except in case that after that I decide to play with cloning, hydroponic or growing my own strain.

But about that when the time comes!

For sure I know that I don't want to repeat myself!
So my first blogging serial will finish when I smoke the first joint
from home cultivation.

In the next article of DIY chapter every step of building a storeroom and growroom will be nicely explained and shown in photos!

This area is gonna be transformed into growroomphoto.jpeg

It will be home growroom made inside a storeroom that I will also build in the entrance hall.
Growroom will be 200 cm in height and 100x95 cm floor area.
For those steemians that don't use metric system dimensions calculated in inches are 78.74 height and 39.37x37.4 floor area!
Whole storeroom will be 170x180 cm or in inches 66.92x70.86!

For growing I will use 600w HPS
with Philips Master Son-T-Pia Plus bulb
and Vents ventilation system.

Plan is to grow 7 automatics of few different strains.
My love for growing started 15 years ago and in that period a lot is learned, constructed and many growboxes and growrooms are made in various sizes.

Material that I am using for building the storeroom is Knauf plasterboard.
Growroom will be combination of Ytong aerated concrete blocks and OSB plates.

Take a look at blueprints of storeroom and growroom inside storeroom. 20191026_122938.jpeg

In the next post learn how to build Knauf drywall and Ytong aerated concrete wall, how to use OSB plates for growroom and how to make that storeroom _actually is storeroom_ with tools and other things on shelves inside.
After construction is done
electrics, light and ventilation will be installed.
That will be post for itself!

All CAD drawings are exported in scale 1:42.0 :D20191026_123134.jpegDon't tell mr.policeman about my project and soon new stuff will be published!!!

I have to be very incognito with presence of growroom cause in my country growing weed for own purposes is still illegal and sentence for growing is jail time for a minimum one year!
If you are lucky!!!

Comments, suggestions, questions or maybe a wish list of particular details that you want me to write about and all other contribution is welcomed and awaited.

...this post is prologue and it's a pretty long one...
...when I look at beginning of article....

Thanks for reading and participating!

smf_07 aka @smf37


very well explained process. Thank for making such a beautiful blog, spending your time.

thank you :)