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Question for my weedcash and cannabis steemians. When you are ready to harvest do you like to put your plant in darkness for a few days? I normally do at least 12 hours of darkness of course before I harvest.

This time I have one of the Big Nug Fast ready to come off and I am trying 24 hours of darkness before I cut her down and harvest her.

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In the grow bible Jorge Cervantes says it is best to harvest right before lights come on, as far as the trick of leaving in total darkness for 48-72 hours, I have heard mixed results as well.

Yeah makes sense to harvest after lights out. It is so hard to say it works or don't when every strain and plant is different

No, I don't keep my plants in total darkness before harvesting the buds. What is that supposed to do?

It is said to help the trichomes right before harvest. I read mixed things that it helps or it helps with some strains. So looking for what others say.

Yeah it is one of those things that some swear by, and others are not so sure. One thing that i know that is true, and makes total sense is to drop the humidity below 40% the last 2 weeks. This sends the trichome production into over drive.

Good thing my tent has been sitting around 35% for a while, I wish I could get it higher but need to find a small humidifier.

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