2x2 AutoFlower Tent - Day 50

in #weedcash7 months ago (edited)

Very nice plants the nutrients problem you can always overcome ... Just be careful with adding so called remedies... I love you post great content. Upvoted and resteemed!

Yeah eh, it is the one thing I have noticed with the autos is they are hard to bring back as flower is like 30days not 8 to 10 weeks

Thats correct my friend.. Looks like you are up for a good harvest.

Yeah looks like lock out. By any chance did your nutes have any molasses in it?

I am really thinking it is the soil that I used. I used promix with mycroactive or some shit and I got another undocumented auto that just flipped a week ago and is doing the same thing and she has only been getting PHed water.

The problem is coming from the top of the plant if that helps. I am new to nute problems as I was lucky with last few grows and only had heat and ph problem.