2x2 AutoFlower Tent - Day 50

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Been a nice couple days for the AutoFlower Tent. The 2x2 that has been giving some problems has finally started

Day 50 Autoflower

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/2x2-AutoFlower-GrowTent---Day-50/0271f6ef7ff8e3bc3de2cd6afa53edcbad67196b)

Not getting any worse from the nutrients problem that they are dealing with. This happened when these 4 flipped into the flower cycle around 2 weeks ago. Last Post if you follow I flushed them with clean PHed 6.4 water to help flush out some of the soil.

As I was saying in the video, I am hoping to still get a small yield to not make the whole grow a waste. With the 4 plants, at least an OZ should be an easy thing task.

TeasSixxer number 2 was the first one to flip almost 3 or 4 days before the other 3 girls. With the dates that I wrote down the other 3 have flip about the same day as each other. You can see by the photos that they are around the same size. The nutrient problem sucked cause I really think these 4 would have been some beautiful looking plants.

I am still unsure what the whole issue is that keeps on causing this problem with my autos when they flip. The next crop of autos I will be switching the soil mix. This next soil batch I mix will be mostly Earth Worth Casting mixed perlite and maybe a few amendments.

  • DAY 50 autoflower

The next seedling for the 2x2 autoflower tent is going to have to get cracked in a week or 2 in order to keep the cycles going.

If you are interested in some of the grow equipment and tools I use you can find the list here.

2x2 tent

TS 600

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Very nice plants the nutrients problem you can always overcome ... Just be careful with adding so called remedies... I love you post great content. Upvoted and resteemed!

Yeah eh, it is the one thing I have noticed with the autos is they are hard to bring back as flower is like 30days not 8 to 10 weeks

Thats correct my friend.. Looks like you are up for a good harvest.

Yeah looks like lock out. By any chance did your nutes have any molasses in it?

I am really thinking it is the soil that I used. I used promix with mycroactive or some shit and I got another undocumented auto that just flipped a week ago and is doing the same thing and she has only been getting PHed water.

The problem is coming from the top of the plant if that helps. I am new to nute problems as I was lucky with last few grows and only had heat and ph problem.