Beach Bongs and Bongos

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I really think the title says about everything. I can't allow myself to hit post without rambling in the name of "good content"

Feeling rejuvenated after a couple days away from the grind of being an urbanite I don't feel much at all like writing much of anything.

If anyone is wondering the reggae festival was disorganized and we ended up not even playing. We did make full use of the buffet and accommodations. Midway through Sunday after realising that our set had been pushed back too far for our rhythm section to stick around we had straight to catch a ferry at sunset to cruise to Pangkor island.

This is by far the most impressive destination on the entire west coast of Malaysia.. Crystal clear, calm water gently caressing the pristine fine white sanded beaches at this laid back small island are tough to beat. The locals are super cool dreddy types that live humbly off the offerings from the sea and are filthy rich in the currency of happiness.

Having a local show us around the island offered a slice of life no tourist would ever find. We ended up playing hand drums from all over the world under the moonlit sky while monkeys sang a chorus of jungle love in the canopy overhead. I was introduced to another homemade bong that was made out of bamboo and aptly named "Bam Bam" I smoked "balut" spliffs which are rolled from the leaves of a tree I've never heard of. The burn is similar to a blunt but the technique is an art form to behold in the dark on a windy beach..

That's probably enough words eh? I'm getting a bit motion sick trying to type in the car so I'm out! 🏁

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Ahh damn that sucks that you guys did not play, but I can see you are not complaining.

Yep not a problem at all..

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Whatever got you there to that picturesque location to share human revelries...

I'm enjoying the ride 🌊 🏄

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