Strain afghanistan

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Hello, dear friends! A couple of days ago, they gave me a fresh bud, a medicinal plant.

Strain afghanistan.

The bud smells very strongly, it is very pleasant, the smell is indescribable. Bud was 70 percent ripe, and this is enough to smoke a cigarette as a treatment, #naturalmedicine. I took a sticky bud and put it in a sideboard, in a vase. Two days later, the bud was already dry.


The Bud smells very strong, very nice, the smell is indescribable. The Bud was 70 percent ripe, and that's enough to smoke a cigarette as a treatment, natural medicine. I took a sticky Bud, gave him a little haircut and put it in the sideboard, in a vase. Two days later, the Bud was already dry. I was very glad that the Bud dried up so quickly. I took it by taking a photo to share with you, dear readers. Bud as you can see, getting rid of weight. But snow, dead-bolted stuck to dry leaves.

Just smoked that cigarette. And I feel very well, which I wish you dear friends. See you soon.


All health and profit.

Come visit me @senattor

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Right on man. Ill have a smoke with you.

I agree.

Hey Senattor,

We all welcome you to the #jahm and ReggaeSteem community, but this post really has absolutely nothing to do with Jamaica any more than my cat, because yeah, they have both ganja and cats in Jamaica. So please try to include a little about Jamaica and Rasta culture in your posts if you're gonna talk about Ganja and tag Jahm.


Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded


Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded


Love to hear more about what you're using the medicine for, how it works, and how you decide if smoking is better than CBD oil etc.

Honestly, endlessly posting about the bud and smoking it wears pretty thin.

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I understand you. Thank you .. I didn’t try the oil when.

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