Weedcash for Dummies & A Chance to Win Some!

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I've been so excited about the coming of tokens on the Steem blockchain I even went and created one myself, but more on that later. I'm still trying to figure out how they work, and to do so, I've been asking endless questions of the creator of Weedcash and guy behind the Weedcash.network, @richardcrill. This post is more to cement my understanding of this token and how it works, and invite comments for where I might have got it wrong, or what I've missed out. I'm going to explain it as simply as I can, because by doing so, I might even clarify how it works for myself!

Wanna win some Weedcash? Enter @naturalmedicine's contest. Because we all know it's a beautiful natural medicine for many!

What is Weedcash?

For those that don't know about Weedcash.network, it's just a variation of the Steemit user interface or front end. In fact, it looks very much the same, except it's called Weedcash. This is what @riverflows account looks like if I log on via Steemconnect:


Instead of SP, the reward system is weedcash, which is a token that, as community builds and value becomes attached to it as demand grows, becomes more valuable, and can be traded for other tokens or for steem via Steem Engine - again, you use your posting key to log on and trade here too.


That means that if you are on the Weedcash front end, instead of Busy, or Steempeak, or Partiko or any other front end (my favourite is the ever sexy Steempeak), you are upvoting and powering up in weedcash as well as steem, but only weedcash upvotes will be visible.

If you own some weedcash, and are upvoting on a #weedcash post on your front end of choice, you'lll also be upvoting with weedcash AND steem, but it'll only show up as your usual steem upvote.

There's a four day payout for posts instead of 7, and the only tags that show up on this front end are quite particular to the cannabis community. These include:


Note 'naturalmedicine' shows up - why? Because canna of course is a natural medicine!

Again, if you're using the token, it's important that you tag it with #weedcash. Look how much @naturalmedicine earnt from their interview with @jonyoudyer:


However, if you see this on the Steemit front end, it looks just as you'd expect it to:


I can attest that Natural Medicine DID NOT post in Weedcash.network - they used, as always, Steempeak - but because they used the tags #weedcash, it appears on that network for canna peeps to upvote with weed. On any other front end, it'll be upvoted with SP just like any other post you write! Of course, if you want to upvote with weed, and claim through the weedcash rewards system, you'll need to have some weedcash staked - meaning, you actually have some.

I was lucky enough to get some gifted to me (thanks, @richardcrill). My first post on #weedcash paid out as follows, so all I need to do is power it up.


Power Up Your Weedcash

To claim your weedcash, click on this link which will take you to a Custom Json action. You'll also notice that this function is visible on the Steemengine site too - the hand with the little dollar sign:


I can then see how much I have powered up - just as you'd move steem to steempower, you stake your weedcash to have more VP on the network.

I can also see my transaction history:


You have to click the lock button to stake it (so you can earn curation rewards and start voting with weedcash). There is a 42 day unstaking period with 6 transfers (1 per week) until completely unstaked.

How can YOU get Weedcash?

Well, you can earn it just like you earn steempower, by posting quality posts about weed. You can also vote to get rewards JUST
like you do on Steemit. The author/curator rewards are 60/40.

Oh! and one more thing!

The SteemKeychain integration! Thats the other great feature that causes people trouble when claiming on steem engine if they don't have it. For everything to work optimally, you need the steemkeychain chrome extension. It can be installed to your chrome browser here.

Enter To Win Weedcash, Steem & A Daily Upvote from Canna Curate!


You can also enter a competition that Natural Medicine is running. As #naturalmedicine is a featured tag on Weedcash, if you use #weedcash and #naturalmedicine, they'll show up if anyone clicks on this tag in the Weedcash network, like so:


Natural Medicine's competition starts tomorrow - I'll come back here to provide a link for you when that happens, or just follow @naturalmedicine for the reminder.

A recap:

  • Weedcash.network is a mirror of Steemit, with some changes to fit the needs of the canna community.
  • You earn weedcash instead of Steem, but your post can still earn steem just like usual on any other front end you post on.
  • If you own weedcash, if you upvote a #weedcash post, it'll upvote in weedcash AND steem - weedcash upvotes will be visible on their network, SP will be visible on whatever front end you are using.
  • Your weedcash can be traded for other tokens or back into steem (and a lot more to come)
  • You have to use the #weedcash tag to be picked up by the Weedcash.network - please don't spam or abuse it to keep the quality good. Remember, this is the face that is shown to the outside world!

What have I missed?

What else do I need to know about using this token?

Will you enter Natural Medicine's contest?


@naturalmedicine II Discord Invite II #naturalmedicine

Website | @homesteaderscoop | Discord Community


Discord 🧘About



Canna-Curate will also put the winner on upvote for life, at 25%, if there already on fan base, I will bump up to 50%, once per day.

Wow, that's super generous @canna-curate!!! I will put this on the announcement post tomorrow.

If you own some weedcash, and are upvoting on a #weedcash post on your front end of choice, you'lll also be upvoting with weedcash AND steem, but it'll only show up as your usual steem upvote.

This is something I was not aware of and I will try it out. So when you have staked WEED and you upvote a weedcash post outside of The Weedcash Network, you are voting with both Steem Power and Weed Power simultaneously?

Your guide looks comprehensive to me Riverflows, very nicely done! I've just posted a guide on how to Stake (Power Up) WEED.

That's awesome.... your guide is great and I may add the link in this post. Yes, that's right... it's not possible to separate the weedcash vote from SP. Thanks for your comment. X

Thanks for the explanation of weedcash👍

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Hope it's clear and makes sense! I couldn't find one that was clear enough to refer to, so hope this one does the job.

Very good thank you 👍

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Oh - I KNEW if I procrastinated for a day or two, you'd beat me to the research. LOL. Bless you!! As the proud owner of 420 weedcash already and NO IDEA what to do with it, I shall be scouring every detail. Funnily enough just posted 5 mins ago about a treatment for skin cancer and planning to do another one about topical cannabis applications. Yay you!! RESTEEMED. Only 4 tags? Not like you. I'm ASSUMING you're gonna edit it and add the @ecotrain tag so it gets TSU attention ;) so I'm plonking the official guff here in anticipation. x

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Ha, I'm dropping tags, tripping over laptop chords, forgetting people's posts and all kinds of things this week because I've been TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH. Will put the #ecotrain one on it just for you.

I beat you to it as I've been trying to figure it out for weeks, haha!! Honestly, it's taken me ages, and you know what? As I wrote it, things were already changing - the wallet changed! It did help me get to grips with it. A lot of techie people that know lots of stuff talk jargon at you and they think they're being helpful, but they don't seem to understand how little we know, lol. I'm really appreciating weedcash - I think it's a great direction for Steemit, and such a good way to unite community. It's so exciting that the #naturalmedicine tag is being supported there too - so when you write your canna post, you can use #weedcash #naturalmedicine (and three other tags, or I'll tease you right back) and it'll show up on the weedcash network under the tag #naturalmedicine. How awesome is that! let me know when you've done it so I can upvote you in weedcash within 4 days!

Thank you for this information @riverflows. I logged into weedcash but I understand that you can only use this if you are making post relevant only to this community right?

That's right. Growing, medicine, experiences, science, history, philosophy...there's lots of opportunity or angles to write good content. Regardless, it's good for us to understand how it works as the tokenised communities that will arise will be fabulous for Steem!!

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Great. It sounds promising in a way. It's just been a little crazy with the house shifting stuff, so trying to sneak in time for Steemit as an when possible. Once settled down will get more involved.

I totally get it. We will still be here! Hope the move is smooth for you and you get your crystals all set up nicely!

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The energy of the new place has been very strong and welcoming. I am so much excited about it and looking forward to 😍😍
Thank you my dear.

thanks for explaining this! ive also been trying to get my head around all these tokens and what not.. i think im starting to get it! Good luck with your project, look forward to hearing more! Im also workin on a special front end site that can bring all our tribe communities together under one umbrealla.. its the way to go i think!

It takes a while but when the penny drops... woo!!!

Thank you so much!! I was just thinking I want more info because I get confused with new things and literally scrolled and 2 posts later here we are. Thanks for all the awesome, informative, and amazing content you are such a blessing 🙏🏻💜💕

Aw cheers. It took me a while to understand it too!!!


Thanks for the post and info! Wish I saved my cannabis oil posts hehe. Love that we can have such a vibrant community around the wonder plant cannabis.

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No worries! You can always re-write/edit them to fit the contest!

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Weedcash sounds amazing and yes easy peasy to understand :)

We are also holding a raffle - if you'd like to win some beautiful art by @FrejaFricheck out this post. We are also behind a fundraising charity drive hosted by @freedomtribe to raise money for Venuezualan children. Please click here to enter!

50SPII100SPII200II500SPII1000SP ♡♡♡


Thanks for explaining. Think I still need to get my head around it, but good to know that there is a community for any herbal posts. :)

It takes a while to get, but you can't unlearn it!

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Wow, this another venue to check out for sure! Thank you so much for the explanation @riverflows, I always hate having to do legwork on something I don't understand, so thank you for making it so clear!

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@riverflows, Sounds really interesting contest. I am really looking forward to it. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

Does weedcash applicable and available for those using mobile phoias their only browsing means? How do they go about it. Thank you.

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@matthewtonyit, that's an interesting question! You would absolutely use it like Steemit if you wanted to go and see what your post earnt - here's the link https://www.weedcash.network where you log in with your usual password. But you can post and upvote on whatever front end you are on.

As for the Steemengine, not sure - Haven't looked at this on my mobile yet - tell me if this link works?

Yes. Thanks. I have logged in into the weedcash, that means I can absolutely post just weed related post? Or anything type?

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Well, if it's about cannabis, you use the tag #weedcash and any other tags from ANY front end. Say I post about weed and the enviroment on Partiko. I dont even need to log in to Weedcash - i just use #weedcash #ecotrain.

What that does, it tells the Weedcash Network to make it visible to that network. It wont show a post that uses tags irrelevant to the network.

When you upvote posts that have #weedcash on Partiko or steemit, and have weed staked (just like steempower), it will upvote those posts.

If you have a post tagged #weedcash, and someone upvotes it who has weed staked (like steempower), you will get weedcash token.

To SEE how much weed you've been upvoted, you can only see it on Weedcash.network.

to claim you go to Steemengine.

Oh, that's a better explanation. Thanks for that great information on #weedcash

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You are welcome!!!!

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That's me upvoting you in Weedcash.network

I also upvoted in Steempeak, but you only see it as steempower.