Sounds: Six Songs About Weed (That Aren't Bob Marley!)

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Did you know it's weed week here on Steemit? If you haven't heard, has started, and all the smokers and canna lovers are coming out to play. Why not, hey? It's such an awesome celebration of the beginning of a new era on Steem - tokens!! I'm still figuring out how the token thingie works, but I know I was gifted with weedcash and I'm gonna play with it! At least I'm not making stuff up - I always write my weekly music post, and I'm a huge fan of reggae, rocksteady and dub - and there's been many an artist in that ilk that, had they known about Steemit and #weedcash, would have certainly been posting about it!

The One and Only Lee Scratch

Every Saturday morning, we turn on Radio Scratch and listen to reggae and dub. It's our go to happy music. Morning coffee, a good breakfast, sun streaming in, and tunes. So I thought I'd share five reggae songs I know and love about weed. So roll yourself a fat one, and listen to these sweet sounds.

1. Eek A Mouse: Ganja Smuggling

I always get this song in my head - early early Sunday mornin'....First time I heard Eek A Mouse, a friend was driving me to the the train station in Dorset to go back up to London, and Jamie was in the back with his arms around me whilst I was in the front, having met each other the night before. My mate was playing it on cassette, but didn't know who it was. J. did. I went on an Eek a Mouse binge, being in love with him as I was. What was this awesome reggae music that WASN'T Marley? Oh, the ears of perception opened...

2. Peter Tosh: Legalise It

When I was growing up, Dad didn't really listen to reggae, but he did have one album by Peter Tosh, which us kids thought was great as it had a marijuana scratch and sniff sticker - it just felt naughty, when you were like, under ten years old. Love Tosh.

3. Prince Fatty Mix: Herbalist

4. Barrington Levy: Under Me Sensi

I like 'Murderer' the bestest, but this is a great song too.

5. Sly and the Revolutionaries: Herb

Just a nice chill dub track.

6. John Holt: Police in Helicopter

Yes boss, yes boss, yes boss, yes boss...
Police in helicopter, a search fi marijuana.
Police man in d streets, searching fi collie weed.
Soldiers in d field, burnin d collie weed.
But if you continue to burn up d herbs, we gonna burn down d cane fields.
If you continue to burn up d herbs, we gonna burn down d cane fields.
Soldier in d herb field, burnin d collie weed.
Police in helicopter, a search fi marijuana.
Soldier in d streets, searching fi collie weed.
But if you continue to burn up d herbs, we gonna burn down d cane fields.
If you continue to burn up d herbs, we gonna burn down d cane fields.

What are your favourite reggae tunes - weed or no weed?


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You've got to listen to Chronnix's song called "Skanking sweet". You'll love it.

Ah, love Chronnix. Thanks for this! Listening now xx

You are welcome. That's my jam. Hey please make sure to check my music on the 23rd. You just might love it too. Thanks in advance.

EEk a mouse is def my favorite on the list! Damn so hard to choose though. There all great. :)

Me too!!! I actually found it hard to narrow down as there's quite a few awesome tracks, especially the dubby ones.... xx

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Have you ever heard any Jacob Miller, or Mikey Dread?

We have so much Dread on vinyl, but not Jacob Miller... but have listened to him! He died pretty young, right?

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Dread on Vinyl?? Damn your now like the coolest person I have met, lol. But yes Jacob died as soon as he was starting to blow up around the world, tragically by a car accident.

Ha my husband used to co run a huge reggae sound system in Brighton UK in the 90s, they'd have these huge sound clashes against crew like Iration Steppas who are still going I think. So we have a lot of reggae, dub, rocksteady etc on vinyl... can never have too much!! That was half of his DJ stuff, the other half is all Chicago/Detroit house I reckon.

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Great choices this week @riverflows .. love Peter Tosh, whenever I stick the Bush Doctor album on I'm reminded that Mick Jagger has a spot on it! lol So as it's weed week, I've gone for two weed-infused hip-hop tracks .. hope you enjoy. :D

Ah, great choices, sitting in the English staffroom listening to them now. Well hey, if they can assault my ears with the crap they listen to, I can pay it back, haha. It's okay, I have my headphones on. Transported. Thanks!!! They fit well with the theme!

Yeah, I love Bush Doctor!!!! I've always loved Creation. In fact, all the songs on that album remind me of when I was a kid and Dad'd play it. He bought this awesome stereo which was state of the art at the time and the first album he put on it was Dark Side of the Moon. The additional sounds on Creation - the sounds of the sea and birds - like the ching of the till in Money - remind me of that stereo and the crispness of it. I didn't realise Mick was on that album though!

Did you read my post last week of my totally over weeded cookies that send my housemates into paranoia? Lol.