Update on surgery and a big shout out to....

in weedcash •  8 months ago 

First lemme say NO CANCER or precancerous cells was found in the nodule they removed this past Monday off my vocal chord.🙌 The Dr called it a singers knot. And told me basically STFU😜.
Y'all just don't know how hard that is for me.😒 I'm a born talker haha!😜😋 Anyways, once the inflammation under control I should get my voice back. An lemme go ahead am say I'm ready!! It's been gone since beginning if July!😵
Ok now for my shout out...
I want to say how truly touched I've been from the ❤weedcash❤ and ❤CANNA token❤ community has been! You ladies and gents rock!!😘
There's been a number of you message me to give support during my short time on steem. This has been a weird year for me with medical ailments.. And the encouragement I've received has been amazing. Reaching out to let me know y'all are there if I need to talk or whatever's needed. Has been mind blowing! Anyways.. Just wanted to throw that out there an say thanks!😍😘
So...here's hoping to everyone having a great day/evening. An if your not busy join me in my mid morning smoke😍

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That's great news! Much love back at you.

Yes it was great to hear! Although I wasn't too concerned about cancer cuz Dr said her didn't think it was...but until pathology comes back it's all up in the air lol. I've had enough cancer scare crap already lol...thank goodness for weed! 😋it's my all in one medicine haha..great for nerves and keeping cancer at bay!😍

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