Getting ready to go out of town

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Lol no those are not joints! I wish!!🤣 Since I stay at home these days I roll my Hubby's cigarettes for him to carry to work. So this morning I rolled 6 packs. That should last till I return on Friday.

for me...

I scraped up what was loose on our weed tray.. And rolled them up to carry with me.

so where and why am I going?

Well, back in April I had a breast cancer scare. (Which I will be posting about at some point). I went to MD Anderson to be seen about. Turned out I don't have it, but there were some precancerous cells. I'm going back to discuss that.

Normally, @wdougwatson would be going with me, but he's exhausted all of his vacation and sick days. So A couple of good friends are carrying me down to my moms house in Houston... and she will carry me to my appointment. Then her and my step father will bring me back Friday on their way to Arkansas to visit other family.

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that's very nice of you to get ready for him 👍👍 😄..i hope you get good news from the apt!

Thank you @doitvoluntairly

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Very nice Handmade Cigaretts, with slim filters. Mhhmmm.
I love just the selfmades today. If i begin with it, i wont to save some money.
Today i can not smoke another. :-)
Have a good time with your Family!

Thank you @alucian😍

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Bet you guys save a lot of money by doing that. I quit tobacco, for lots of reasons. But what really pushed me to do it, was here in California they cost 10$ a pack! i remember when i started to smoke, in Kentucky they cost 94 cents.

It has saved us A LOT of money! Where we were spending $25.00-$40.00 day (3-5 packs cuz I like having extra if needed..) Now we'll be spending less than $80.00 every 2 weeks. Actually, we can get buy with spending just under $60.00 every 2 weeks. But, I decided I'm gonna start buying 3 bags instead of 2 bags of tobacco and start stock piling it. Never know what's gonna happen.. least that'll be covered😁😍

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