Canna Fest 2019

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Thank you to everyone who showed up and made this event a success!

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In order for us to have an event at Northwest Cannabis Club @qwoyn and @hashkings have offered to sponsor the event, however per Oregon state law, NWCC has to be a private club so our attendees must become members in their Crow Club.

This means we only pay the 20 dollars at the door when we arrive for the event and that is it. The entertainment, vendors and events will be free of charge. Your 20 dollars also includes a lifetime membership to NWCC Crow Club, full club access for 5 dollars and access to all the events! ...

We had an absolute blast and many of our favorite steemians showed up

Big shout out to @jonyoudyer founder of @canna-curate, @elamental of @tribesteemup, @richardcrill founder of @weedcash, @alchemage, @hempress, @lindseylambz, @cowboyblazerfan and @queuevius, @cannabiscigars fellow steemians and the winners of the competition!

You are all extraordinary people and it's an honor to have been able to be in your presence, lets do this again next year!

Cannagar Wars III

The Fresh Baked Series brings back Cannagar Wars III Saturday June 22nd at 8pm. Competition categories include Best of Show Overall, Best Looking, Best Flavor, Longest Burning, and an Open Unlimited Freestyle category.

We also had the honor of being part of Cannagar Wars III. I had never seen anything like this in my life. Professionally rolled Cannabis Cigars like you wouldn't believe. Most of these were rolled in Hemp leaves and Rose Pedals covered in oil or diamonds with terpenes extracted from cannabis and added to the cigars.

Below are some of the entries with descriptions

And the Winner goes to

It's truly a small world and by coincidence the winners who swept all 3 trophies of the competition are fellow Steemians. We had no idea until about halfway through the competition that they were on Steem and we really couldn't be prouder. Congrats @cannabiscigars!

Northwest Cannabis Club and Event Pictures


Thanks for reading, stay smokin and hope to see you next year. @Qwoyn, creator of @hashkings out!

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Nice shots man! Ill be doing my Canna Steem fest post soon. Dude such a great fucking time. Im telling all my people here all about it, and how wonderfull the group of people where. Damn, if we are a cult, its a mighty fine one!

Best Blockchain Cult in the West

Looks like a big turnout! The prizes are kick ass, glad they went to Steemians too :) Well done to all involved in setting up #cannafest!

It was really awesome, I think I did a fine job of organizing this, now next year we need more Steemians!

Yes, give yourself a big ol' pat on the back, I wasn't expecting to see that many people there, next year will be tremendous because you'll have all year to get the word out :) oxo

Thanks! I think the hardest part was getting the word out as a new steemian. It can be clicky at times so it was hard to gain peoples trust. However I think i have now proven myself. Thanks again!

First of all, AWESOME post! I love those couple vids with @RichardCrill, so appropriate, great timing with the music too. It was an honor to kick it with you and everyone, and am looking forward to more chillzations in the future. I hope you and @Queuevius are going to make some awesome moves with Needpedia, seems like you hit it off like I thought you would. Btw, do you have the account names of the people that won the 3 prizes in the blunt competition? Bless up.

Thanks man. Unfortunately I only got the @cannabiscigars account name. They were the ones that won all three prizes.

Canna por vida!!!

Hey I was there too! ;)

Those pack-in weed cigar wraps are huge - look like top quality too. Looks like a blast meeting up with smokey folks from the block chain :)

Yeah man that shit was top notch. I was in awe the entire time smoking on 350 dollar cannabis cigars is no joke man. Hope you can make it to the next one

Damn they really put a lot of bud into those cigars! Insane looking too. Next year Ill be the photographer for the event ok?

Hope you can make it next time, I was too busy getting stoned to take too many pictures and only had my phone.

Wow, man regets I missed that...

Try to make it next dude!

Yeah, we always can dream... and then live them!