Roach Sunday Contest Week 2: Guess the weight of the roach doobie

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This week's Roach Sunday Prize for the Weedcash network

Is a Mini Glass pipe and 4.20 weedcash, guess how much the Roach Doobie weighs. The closest guess wins. Winner will be announced shortly after midnight on 9/9/19 EST. You only get one guess. You may not change your guess. I provide the shipping costs and ship all over the world, unless prohibited by law. Sorry guys if you are in Afghanistan I know I can't ship this to you so if you have a correct guess I will send you an additional 4.20 weedcash if that is where you are located as Customs won't let me ship pipes to that country. Unless otherwise stated I will not substitute weedcash or steem for prizes. I do this to help build the platforms and don't have unlimited crypto or fiat funds. I will blacklist users that ask. Winner has 7 days to message me their mailing address on discord, I am queenofsmoke#7681 on discord, after 7 days unclaimed prizes are forfeited.



Guess in the Comments Below how much this Roach Doobie Weighs


Last week's Roach Sunday was extended due to network errors to the announcement post week 2's Roach Sunday

This was a one time extension as shortly after I posted last week's contest the system stop allowing comments. So if that ever happens again I will extend the contest to make it fair. Last week's winner is @greenhouseradio. @greenhouseradio has 7 days to message me a mailing address. I am queenofsmoke#7681 on discord.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass and if you are free I joined the canna-curate discord radio show as a DJ hosting the Roach Sunday Show on Sunday nights at 10 PM EST on Canna-Curate Radio come and grow with us and join me for some tunes and some cannabis related talk. It will be a hodgepodge of a show with some talk and a wide range of cannabis related music. So if you don't like what is playing stick around something will come on more to your liking, as I like pretty much all music.


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