A nice night for an outdoor smoke

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Tonight is the perfect night

The temperature is perfect, and we have a beautiful piece of land. We also have a swing that hangs from a tree that is a perfect place for a smoke on a perfect night. I am smoking on a Mendo Breathe cross enjoying the cooler air. It is a little dark out here but it is nice and quiet. You can hear the crickets chirping and that is about it. Though if I stay out here long enough some other wildlife will likely come out to play.

My view from under the tree

The Doobie I am burning

The Smokey haze

Do you have a favorite outdoor spot?

I have a few favorite outdoor spots, but when I am at home, under the big tree is my favorite outdoor smoke spot. Where is your favorite outdoor smoking spot? Let me know in the comments below. Till next time stoners, it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.

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I do miss those nice nights in your neck of the woods.

I do my smoking in my greenhouse. It's perhaps not the perfect place, but it will do.

I have a pretty big piece of land with not many close neighbors, and the closet neighbor is also a stoner, matter of fact he recently bought the house next door and shortly after he recognized me from his smoke accessory shop, he started sharing edibles, carts, moonrocks, and bud with me. He says he is preemptively bribing us because he is a bad neighbor. He does have lots of people over hanging out while they are suppose to be working (it has been slow because they party more than they work) but our houses are so far apart I have only heard them once when I been inside, and that is when they were revving up a truck. And shit we have trains across the street a few acres back behind the tree line, I hear them more than them. But okay if you want to bribe me, to tolerate nothing, go ahead. LOL

Now that's a good deal! LOL

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