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There are different ways to make money from weedcash
Posting and claiming rewards is the obvious one
Then staking to have more power hense more voting power
I have tried some trading obviously this is risky and needs to be timed
The price has doubled and halved within a few days so if you hit buys at the right time sell at the right time you can make money
Of course very risky, but i like a risk and am willing to buy at my price and sell at my price regardless of what the market says or does i just have to have belief and patience and im quids in


This is highly risky. I lost some amount of steem on it

Unlucky. Yeah it is risky. Worse case I think if I do buy high will stake do some post and get it back down the line. But defo be carful don't do too much

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I have done some swing trades with success, but you can't keep on doing that of course

Yeah but I do find it a buzz when it pays off love a gamble lol

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