Target in sight!

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After mostly buying, curating and staking i am on the brink of my target which is 1000 weedpower
I have no idea lol
Originally was coz it sounded cool and also would give me higher voting power but half way through i realised it was pointless

My vote still aint worth shit, the people that ended up with power before me have more power there for curate more power and its an endless shit circle
Now they have released a 'miner' not 1 but 2 but you cant buy it with weed oh no strictly with steem coz thats the end game.
Even though purchasing with weed would raise the price of weed.
If someone copy and pasted some shit together and called it bud token and made it fair from the start everyone got to buy at one price and a limited amount. Everyone would go there
'No i wouldn't' there is always some cunt that has to be 'for the cause' so to you either your massively invested or you need to cut down smoking that shit
Final thoughts
Blockchain is only as good as the people behind it.
Its not just weedcash
Pal opened 'forgot' to pay out on decimals so the rich got super rich quick
Sportstalk got 'hacked' so someone who has bought tokens doesn't know what they worth if anything
Crypto is a copy of real life there are normal people here some good some bad some ugly
When we getting regulated
People keep asking that, when that happens, if it does, majority of these projects will disappear because in essence they are ponzi schemes dressed up as fuk knows what
'Against the bank'
'Against the system'
You have to withdraw your money into a bank and a system is in place to avoid you getting bum raped on every corner
Anyway off topic enough of the rant, love people on the platform and love interaction with people but the system around us is fuked up


High expectations I guess...the system will get better eventually...sorry about how you feel

I honestly love the concept of everything being tried. The system will get better for sure. Maybe with a second generation of platform that do what they say on the tin. Primarily this is a money making opportunity not social media. Think about how many comments I would get on Facebook etc positive, negative I don't mind it's cool. On here I could set up a new account and confess to murdering people as a blog and I bet I would get up votes and comments like 'nice' 'I follow you' 'I upvote you' lol in fact I'm gonna try it as an experiment lol

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loool...upvot me pls...hahha

Dont try it pls

I wish I could help people by giving them a decent size vote but not worth anything lol

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Don't we all...I do too, I wish I had so much fiat to just token up actually


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Lol, you’re rant is fair, but I just try to make the best of it... that’s all we can do, in the end

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Thanks Same here lol we got nothing else. This came off the back of dice game played 50/50 chance lost 18 in a row 3 times in an hour happened to be four times now the probability is not even worth mentioning. But if I say anything its 'provably fair' shut the fuk up lol

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