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It doesn't bother me except that the world around me is just slow.

Very much know what patience takes when you don't have it.

Also I am curious, when is the appropriate time to discuss a civil war over forced vaccination?

Before or after we loose our jobs?


In the Netherlands they say that you have the choice to get tested. or show an rq code. otherwise you will not come in anywhere.
ps dont make war make love and smoke weed

My left sleeve is a tribute to the profit motive in war and never forgiving someone who has wronged you.

you sit there with your gun a drone comes out of nowhere bam. that was the war for you, I'm just sketching a situation why war is sour it's unfair

The drone targets the SIM card in cell phones, without the SIM card the targeting has to be done by an operator which is less accurate.


I agree that you shouldn't take everything and let it walk all over you. But in war there are only casualties.

When is the appropriate time to discuss civil war?

Before or after you loose your jobs en mass?

Before or after you're hungry?

Before or after your rights are violated with no apology or reparations?