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RE: What Can I Do For Yea? Tumbleberry!

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I love when the red hairs on the bud are still sticking out all natural looking just after cure, before the vac seal bags and being tossed around in jars.

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Yea man I’m lucky with this dude he never packs it tight unless doing the canning and shipping route ... got anyone in Canada wanting supply? 😉

What is the average price per oz?

If you quote in Hive Canada has no interest in this transaction, it would be easy to encrypt the memo field or send an address on discord which is also masked. Canadians enjoyed their privacy when purchasing brown bag goods.

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Always $100 for me but I’d imagine a little more for delivery ...

Sadly he has no interest in anything he cannot physically hold available for withdrawal at the nearest ATM, crypto’s strength in some cases is also its downfall as it’s like trying to pay for something with stocks and stocks have no value without someone to trade them for you ... too many variables that could go wrong with just BTC nevermind our platforms which must be traded to something to then be converted into fiat to then be transferred to a bank and finally withdrawn 🤦‍♂️ meanwhile during all of that things could go to shit in a matter of moments and he would be in a really tight spot (as he sees it)

I have been trying to figure out a way of doing it privately through a webpage ... most likely EMT but I wonder about the crypto WooCommerce plug-in root whether it will auto convert the payments to fiat ... might be a simple solution and allow him to easily “list” new products but privacy won’t be much of an option other then trusting the site

do not use wordpress for crypto payments unless there is no wallets on the site itself and its all done off the webpage through hive somewhere etc...

Yea you set your own wallets for receiving the hive tokens, not certain about the other crypto as it’s a different plug-in. Still crypto won’t do him any good and will need things immediately converted to fiat which the quickest route I have found still takes upto 24 hrs - EMT with false identity setup for receiving payments works quicker with less complexity ... till the day we see some form of adoption here in Canada it remains unneeded risk to his business yet there is room for a payment merchant 🤔

Make a holding company. Lol go to a bank and tell a guy with a fancy suit you need a meeting about setting up a merchant or traders account.

When he asks what your trading make sure you take a picture of his face when you say "crypto" then say you think bitcoin is going $100,000 thus year and you need to make haste with getting the home into a mortgage settlement lol


But seriously make a holdings account. Then you can hold money for people, charge them a fee if they cancel after sending you a downpayment or better yet state that you DO NOT REFUND.

He already has an account EMT ... most people's preferred method of transaction 😉

Till crypto can easily be cashed out without needing to verify an identity here in Canada it's basically useless for this purpose.