Cadbury vs Milka Oreo Chocolate Bar - Which is Best?

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One bar is made by Cadbury and the other is imported to Canada from German company Milka.

Both bars claim to be a milk and cookies oreo bar, coated in milk chocolate, but only 1 can be appreciated as the best.



Both are definitely delicious, but there Milka bar has a richer and deeper chocolate flavor that is more bold than the Cadbury bar.

Milka Oreo Bar is the Best!

The inside of the Cadbury Oreo bar.

The inside of the Milka Oreo bar.


Thank you for your interest, have you tried either of these bars and would like to share your opinion? Please feel free to comment below!


I have never tried either of them...

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I hope 7-Eleven makes it through the pandemic or I wont be having these again either. They already have inventory issues with some kinds of soda here near me, like Dr. Pepper is oddly out of stock as well as other Pepsi Co. items.

@phusionphil, I thought Cadbury one is best. Stay blessed.