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This is my earned Steem Weed Power and this is how to smoke and earn!

Puffs.....puffs some more

Okay...this is not really how to smoke and earn but now that you're here, you can as well join me. Puffs...Let's talk about Weed power.


That's right, that's my weed power and like it or not, it feels damn exciting. It makes me remember my first 100 Steem power, it was well worth over $400 at that time, now I'm a bit over 1000sp and it's well worth almost the same amount. What an irony someone may think. Let's look at it from an inside perspective, during that time, the biggest thing happening on Steem as a blockchain was Steemit, Steemhunt had barely kicked off...

It was so bad that majority thought Steemit was Steem for a long time. lol,...

The most interesting part was that it wasn't even until recently that some prominent users started making these moves


We need to collect what we all think Steem is and find the overlap, the common ground. Then we compare and decide how to compile that into a simple to understand vision statement that can be used to showcase Steem. source

And some new users are angry because they are finding a hard time understanding steem...


Now, look around Steem, it's beginning to appear as it should be, though it is still confusing as hell to new users(recently someone asked me on twitter why I'm paid 7 steem for doing 7 push ups, I couldn't hold the laughter), it's up to them to catch up.

Tons of Dapps and communities are being built on Steem. Steem as an infrastructure is beginning to come alive.

Have you seen Steemhunt?

Have you seen Steem monsters?

Have you seen Steem engine?

How about Freedomex Exchange?

Esteem, Partiko, Actifit only to mention a few...

Okay, hold it there...I'm making this post from! and I'm cruising on 100WP! Oh wait there's too that sounds W0w!..heading there in a bit.

So why are many users angry on Steemit ? Have they gotten so attached to upvotes or Steemit as a company? much love, awww...


Don't bite me yet, I know there's distribution issue and marketing and visibility and interface that seems to be tearing us apart, but this is likely only going to be a Steemit problem.

As far as I'm concerned, Steemit is as good as any of these other Dapps built on steem blockchain, except of course without the funds and team of developers. And yeah, the first mover advantage. But that's really it.

A lot of prominent users rely on the fact that the proposed SMT's by will totally change the face of Steem, increase the price, and all will be well. I'm sorry to burst your bubbles, price might rise only to stupidly fall like mango from a tree because

Increase in price of Steem token wont change the problems that exist on Steemit!!!

Or even not rise which might further make it crash more! Because of FUD that SMTs have failed and Steem has no other shots to fire...

So what if Steemit does nothing?

What does it take for another Team of dev to come up to replace Steemit as the top Dapp, or isn't that what ETH is doing to BTC? lol..

Not in a competition wise, but in an effort to accomplish what Steemit hasn't been able to, in gaining traction, onboarding, reward distribution, marketing, interface and actually catering to all levels of it's users.

I think Steem monsters is doing that, oh rather Steemhunt, no Actifit. I meant to say . Am i high? Have you seen

This weed wont let me...oh...Weed...fucking..Cash.

This is not in any shade to Steemit as a company, the deployment of MIRA and other successful milestones are duly recognized and continually appreciated. Sometimes. I just wish you guys could have some weed as a team you know. Whether we like it or not, steemit anchors the togetherness of every Steemian. Other blockchains don't have that, you bring food to us, we don't like it, we spit it out.,.to your face...where else do you get that?

I hope We could have a big weed fest with all the witnesses doing real stuff with all steem devs and content creators lets smoke some good weed and knock BTC out that spot shall we!

After over a year now, Steem is beginning to look more like an infrastructure, a true blockchain...

So yeah I'm damn excited about my 100WP because just like yesterday I was 100SP.

Whenever we eventually get something right, and the price acts right....20$ steem won't be too far off!

But till then...Keep doing what you do best.


Someone said they like my Weed posts more than my normal it true? lol.

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