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I've been smoking weed for quite some time. And have smoked many varieties. But I can say that these are the best I've had in my life. the wedding cake and the peanut butter breath. Which I made myself here on the right in the pictures. And despite the fact that they are both super strong. can I say at the Pbb. that it is pure nature. And that it really is in genetics. But I am also convinced that this wedding cake is also grown well. But I can't take that credit. So that's just nug porn. And on the right in the pictures my creation. Which is now also fully flavored and matured.






Here's a close up of my main top. And really the stronger the weed, the softer on your lungs. Yes, this is a very nice medicine. which increases my quality of life. I am a privileged person to be able to share this with you. I've been blogging a little less this week. For a few reasons. I had damn good weed so was a bit absent. But I also had a busy week. And sometimes I just don't have much to say. And then I could make a shitty blog but nobody really wants that
this is roughly what I still have from the peanut butter breath. I estimate about 30 grams of some of the best weed on the planet in my eyes. And with a glass of bacardi cola and a very tasty joint I wish everyone who reads my blog. a nice weekend

image (1).png

image (2).png

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I hope you enjoy your weekend bro!
Enjoy a blunt or a beer and chill!

thx u2 my friend

Dude you're sooooooooooo baked!
Like ripped out of your skull!
Totally stoned. I !LUV it : D






@loonatic, you've been given LUV from @drutter.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)


Bro still have a nice Weekend!!!keep on Rolling !!!
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