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Weekend is just around the corner. And my weed is almost ready to cut. What's going to be exciting with those scents. I also have to clean my dry tent and get the extraction ready. So have plenty to do this weekend. Today is a sad date. 2 years ago was the day my dad died. Fortunately I still have my mother and I brought back some memories with the coffee. Have a nice weekend everyone and make it something beautiful








Thanks for stopping by.
greetings Loonatic®


Great job bud!
Sorry about your dad 2 years ago. Gone but not forgotten.

Thanks bro

I wish you a wonderful weekend :)
And I wish to come to your tend!! lol ;)

!discovery 25

thx you 2 the best weekend 😁✌

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Excellent work! Since I know the exact smell , I can smell exactly what your smelling:) I actually got two phenos so far, one is skunky, the other is sweet. I may mix them up in the jar, so that way I can have a blend, just how they do it in Bordeaux, a mix of merlot, and Cabernet, but I’ll be doing a mix of Sweet, and skunk;)

yeah i can't wait to start the mac. But yes, so cool that we have the same weed. That pbb was female seeds. And those mac were mixed so I have to see how many I let germinate.
I think I'll do 2 mac's 2 silver and 2 bmx and then see what comes out

Very nice, looks dense and sticky.

😁 the best I made

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