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Sometimes I have little inspiration. I mean more that I like to come up with new things. But at the moment I have a small plant. And that's not super interesting. Still, I'll take a picture. I can show other tops of my peanut butter breath. I can make some rosin out of leaves. But that stuff is pretty tough to smoke. So I'm not interested in that either. But what can I bring that can enrich your life


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Okay I may know what to say. And kind of story. I used to be no averse to drugs. And one day I had mushrooms. And I came home half tripped and at my parents' bookcase there was a book. That book had belonged to my grandfather. A thick red book. with twenty thousand quotes. And I thought I had found some kind of magic book. It contains all kinds of wise quotes from ancient scientists to Roman kings. philosophers and poets. And roughly in alphabetical order. But now I notice that the letters are small. I will quote a phrase,, no victor relies on chance. Yes strong words. Nice book. But unfortunately not a real magic book. Yes, I have many memories of this book. And even though the cover is almost falling apart, I am careful with it.


Do you also have a book you like drop it in the comment. not that I'm going to read it soon I hate reading a lot hihi. Have a nice evening everyone, or whatever time it is. And until the next post.โœŒ๐Ÿ˜

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Books are great. I like physical copies of knowledge.
Keep posting your little plant... it is cute, and it'll grow : )

Its a big mac andf i have big plans fot her ๐Ÿ’ชโœŒ

Never heard of big mac, except Jon grows it sometimes I think?

Its from him lol

I hate to read books also...lol. cool story about the book and shrooms. Weed does the same thing...makes things more interesting because it's like we see or hear it for the first time. That peanut butter breath should be fire. I was on Mendo Breath for some time. Good luck.

๐Ÿ˜‚if you've read the dictionary you've actually read everything the rest are just some kind of remixes lol