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I have a new hobby and that is collecting stones. And even though these are not worth that much they come from wish and most of it is shipping costs but I am very happy with it. they are nice and heavy bright and hard. and beautifully finished. the diamonds you see are 1 ct. And if they were real they would be worth $10,000 each. unfortunately they are not real. and I ordered them everything you see for 30 euros.


But this has really become an addiction. order stones on wish until I can fill my ark of the covenant to the top. My own treasure box with beautiful stones. I like that.
As you can see there is still plenty of room to fill

I just want to make it clear that 98% is rubbish. really junk. But every now and then there is something beautiful for that price and I think with these stones that it is clearly the case, There are sometimes gems in between lol


Thanks for watching the bedtime joint show hehe instead of the morgning bolw
Peace and have some fun!


Nice stones! Nothing wrong with a little guilty pleasure hobby.
My grandmother had some old jewels stored at the house before she died, in an old handmade treasure box (held together by an elastic band). She had gold, rubies, a diamond broach, a sapphire ring, etc. She rarely wore any of it but had collected it through her lifetime, including working for a really rich old lady as her bedside nurse. I don't know where it went after she died, I guess my family got their hands on it and made it disappear. But it was always fun to ask her to pull out the treasures, she would be happy to show them off and tell stories about where they'd come from. All real of course, so the little box was probably worth close to a million LOL

that cool bro