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I promised I'd come up with numbers. How much my harvest would be. I had 2 plants and although I haven't got all of the branches off yet. I make an estimate. I had 47 grams of clean tops And then the 2 main tops were 50 grams but the trunk still has to be removed so let's say at least 20 grams. Roughly speaking, I arrive at 70 grams 35 grams per plant. And I didn't supercrop it. And no extra food. And this is my best result


But what have I done. I got 2 large jars of 30 liters. I have taken the time to pre-grow. I have lowered my ph from my tap water. Other than that I didn't do much about it. Yes a strong lamp. I recommend that to everyone. And then a good LED lamp that doesn't get that hot either.




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Furthermore, genetics is important. And I think this is one of the best in the world. But now I also go for the big mac. It also looks damn good. But again the helena x pbb of BIF beans. all credit and respect to them.

image (1).png

image (2).png
I am now going to try to describe the taste. This cannabis tastes soft and fresh. And has a light nut & pine scent. yes or forest scent but very fresh. And my lungs are opening. And buzz comes over my eyes and jaws, which is a wonderful feeling. she also tastes a bit sour but that is really tasteful. But I also taste proud that I managed to just make super good weed. that I can trust 1000%. zero chemicals and full of love and passion for the plant

If I then switch back to the weed I bought from the shop . it tastes like cardboard. Haha yeah that's the downside of good weed. The solution I mix small tops of myself with the other ones and at least it still tastes heavenly.

I just want to thank everyone from weedcash I'm not going to name names because then I'll forget a few. But you have given me the confidence and patience to make what I make. I see from others. And I think I'll try that too. and that's how I learn. And even though I'm well high, I'm sharper than ever. Cannabis should be a human right. And the government should provide spaces where you could grow. without further interference. that would make the world so much better. But that's for another blog. I digress with my story. Thank you canna fam
have a good weekend and follow your dreams✌



Yeah Light is pretty important, congrats on the harvest!



Dude you're frickin' BAKED! ; D
How many lamps do you use? You mentioned a strong lamp, plus an LED lamp.... so a total of 2?

No I only have 1 lamp that I use. I translated badly from Dutch.😁 and yes this weed is good

It's a fair harvest. :) Good jobe growing them, hope they're smoking good!

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best in town lol

Well done!

thx bro

Lovely!! Congrats for the harvest!!


i'm happy that you are happy!
& you put out good words about the plant and people....

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thx ✌

super frosty!


Nice job, Looks fire