testing out fresh dryed weed

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I can't wait to smoke this one. this weed was cut on saturday and i thought i'd check it out.
this one is full of THC and that makes beautiful pictures


image (2).png


So I thought I'd just try it. But here you can see that she is clearly still too wet.
Even in the grinder it sticks together

if i smoke it now. unfortunately it doesn't taste that good. But that's just because she has yet to mature. Note that after three puffs I am already high. the rest of the top back in the drying tent. And this weekend I'll have another look. This is my most beautiful weed ever.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next blog

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Ah cannabis looked good but why add the tobacco 😭

haha you are right. I am hopelessly addicted to tobacco. But I do think that a joint with a little tobacco burns better and often smokes away better. I hesitated to share the last photo, but it is what it is

🤣 I know so many that do this but I can't and haven't ever been able to.

Seems like a big city thing here in Canada🤣

I need to learn how to properly dry out some weed. lol

🤣 its super hard to do but te reward you can taste

If you want to try it a little more quicker clip off all the flowers from the stock because the stock is full of water.

Yep clip them off and put them on a dry piece of paper and put them somewhere there is some good air flow and circulation. About 24 hours later you can smoke it.

nice tip
I just have to be patient. Luckily I have other weed to smoke

I like quick drying a taste sample and I enjoy making the good cured herb. But I've always got a small nugget drying. Hehe


Well since I'm a grower and there's always pruning as well as me making an accidental nip on a really nice bud...

Why can't I have a early taste?

Generally I put just the clipped Bud taken off the stem onto the top of my fluorescent light fixture. Plenty of airflow underneath with the fans and gently warm 24 hours and that fresh nugget is ready to smoke.

Patience my friend..... you must wait for the right moment... until it is ready and just right...

OH FUCK THAT rip into that right now man, get the grinder, pass it over quick, we're busting this stuff up green it doesnt matter lets get ripped WOOOOOOOOOOOOO that smells dank!

Great job bud!! ; D

lol no we wait That makes her even more special

Looking frosty. Hit it with a bong to get a better tast.

I took that joint out and later lit it again and it was heavenly

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