tent update pbb 🤗

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Here I am again with a weekend update. I was a little down for a few days. That's because my vacation is disappointing. I wanted to use it to recharge a bit. But I can't say that I'm brimming with energy. But when I look in my tent I automatically become happy again.








I may have to remove some leaves. to allow more light to fall on the peaks. All in all it looks healthy and delicious again. And I can't wait for this one to be done. Have a good week everyone and for now a chill Sunday



Looks healthy and delicious bud! Keep smiling :)


If you get too close, you get stuck to the trichomes. They are spectacular 👏 👏 👏

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Bif genetics there so good


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super frosty

Yes and I still have a long way to go. looking forward to a few weeks

I know the feeling. That’s why I love growing, it’s just you and a plant. All it asks for is love, and it shows you so much more then what you ever give it:)

and I Iove growing together 💪

They are totally sugary, as we say around here. They shine with trichomes !! What a treat!!

carefully I dare say that this is one of the best cannabis strains in the world. at least what i've seen
the Helena x peanut butter breath

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