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I sowed a seed of big mack today. I've only done 1. My plan this time is to give 1 plant space. In my tent of 80 by 80 cm. I have the idea that it will come off as much as 2 plants. I also want to take it easy.

Funny these were 2 older plants from the beginning of this year I had harvested them. And then put them on my balcony. And didn't even look back
I don't think I'm going to smoke this. But I think it's great that it grows like this. Since I hardly have any sunshine there. Little in the morning. the rest is indirect light.
Yes nature is a beautiful thing

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image (2).png


With a good buzz I close this post. I wish everyone a chill Sunday. greetings loonatic®


Those branches are looking really thick. :o


Haha, I think you should smoke it! Clip off any garbage, let the top nugs mature, and see what happens. I bet they're tasty.
I have the same idea as you for this next round.... maybe 1 or 2 plants with plenty of room. I don't feel ambitious at the moment, but I want to continue to produce a little bit of medicine. I hate not growing haha.

Yeah I can't resist either. my life feels empty without plants

Yeah nature is awesome and so strong!!

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