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The world is crazy. But I have a medicine. And very good form of therapy. To let this madness pass you by. Growing cannabis. I told my doctor. And he understood that because the prices are rudely high. And he pointed out that I probably also used that much cannabis because of my ADD. Which I don't think about very often. It doesn't bother me except that the world around me is just slow. And I'm impatient in the supermarket at checkout counters. But growing cannabis has taught me to appreciate patience.

I had a conversation with a therapist today. And I explained my whole story again. And I have quite a bit of baggage, so to speak. But because I've already been through a lot, I can also articulate it well. And I know what I want. I am open to help. in fact I came up with it myself. That I am so angry at the world and injustice that I feel. And my doctor who reminded me that I have adhd. so suggested this conversation and help for people like me.

But to be honest, I've already seen it. because those support groups are going to ask if I want to stop using cannabis. And I'm not interested in that. Just like ritalin or whatever crap they offer. dex amphetamine maybe but I just finished speed about 6 years ago. No I like cannabis and growing it. I do still have weekly conversations so that I can vent my anger.

Do not get me wrong. Smoking cannabis like I do all day isn't very good for you. But if you have the right balance, then yes. I just have a lot of moments when it's possible. But I've decided to start smoking weed again at 4:20 PM or better said 420. But I usually don't say that until I'm high.
Everyone have a nice evening night or mornings



It doesn't bother me except that the world around me is just slow.

Very much know what patience takes when you don't have it.

Also I am curious, when is the appropriate time to discuss a civil war over forced vaccination?

Before or after we loose our jobs?

In the Netherlands they say that you have the choice to get tested. or show an rq code. otherwise you will not come in anywhere.
ps dont make war make love and smoke weed

My left sleeve is a tribute to the profit motive in war and never forgiving someone who has wronged you.

you sit there with your gun a drone comes out of nowhere bam. that was the war for you, I'm just sketching a situation why war is sour it's unfair

The drone targets the SIM card in cell phones, without the SIM card the targeting has to be done by an operator which is less accurate.


I agree that you shouldn't take everything and let it walk all over you. But in war there are only casualties.

When is the appropriate time to discuss civil war?

Before or after you loose your jobs en mass?

Before or after you're hungry?

Before or after your rights are violated with no apology or reparations?

That plant looks like a big lumpy pile of buds and leaves, I love it : D


I got the merch. Thanks, it's very thoughtful. I love this place. It made my day.

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Conversations with other freaks won't help much, the best way is the conversation with yourself. Close your eyes and try to listen to the silence inside you.

I completely agree with you. But sometimes it's good to tell your story.

Dude I hate lines so much these days! Hard to have patience during those time, especially if you have 1 item lol. Balance is very important, in fact maybe balance is the secret to life :)

My biggest annoyance is the elderly who grab their wallet at the entrance, causing them to block the road🤣😋

It's a rough time for us all man. I tend to find myself a bit more on the Walter side myself... Big Lebowski reference, lol. But I have to just stop and breathe... That is actually more important than our beautiful herb, is that we all need to just re-learn how to breathe. I suggest looking into the Wim Hoff method... Not necessarily the cold stuff, but hey that may be your thing, but the breathing exercises have changed me.

breathing exercises are the best., specialy with the herb 😁🤣


Agree with you, doing it almost everyday, helps me in my studying myself, listening to the silence inside you.

Even if you're feeling low try to stay positive, even waiting in line has its positive moments sometimes. Weed will help you chill out if you need it whenever you're too stressed. :)

I'll be fine😁💪
after all these nice comments