my plant was a full gram

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it's weekend again my dear followers. And today I'm just going to show you my failed attempt at growth in a beer can. Which tastes fine by the way. but the whole plant is no more than 1 gram. I haven't done my very best either. I think it's a cute plant
it is the plant on the right front of the photo in the can. I had previously tried in a milk carton. which was better with 3.5 grams
Conclusion it is better to grow in a large pot. Fortunately, we are now working on a 5 gallon challenge. So that is going to be something. I close with a picture of my tent.
Have a great weekend


Well it is something 🤣 I mean a gram is a gram right. 🤣

Yeah the 5 gallon should yield more

Its a nice way to start the weekend 😄

Hey at least you made it to the finish line, and you grow your own medicine. That is something to be proud of right there!

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thx and yess💪🤗

I loved the results! I've tried this micro growering system a few times, but I never had much success! I've seen some incredible canned crops on reddit. One day, who knows, I will have some success in that. Following you! Success in the journey.

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Smaller the pot the bigger challenge to successfully have a crop regardless of weight. Great job 👏

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thx 💪😄

Save that gram for 4/20..

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I smoked it but for 4\20 There will be other🥳😋

I had one grow in an empty can of beans. Sadly it didn't survive.

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Its hard lol
thx for the comment