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I'm not much into football.(soccer) But I do like the EK and the World Cup. The nice thing about netherlands football Is the army in orange. the supporters all in orange and I even bought something to join
Tonight we play against Austria. And I'm sure we'll win

So for tonight I also got a nice weed strain. Mac 1 and it tastes good
some close ups
Do you also have a favorite country that you are for. Besides the Netherlands I am also for Belgium. give your opinion in the comments
Thx for watching my post and see ya next time


Netherlands is cool, same with Sweden and Belgium, very interesting places with much history and culture. I also like Germany... and a lot of Europe is pretty cool if you ask me. I have never been there though.

Yes there is a lot of history here And old buildings from the medieval times.🕍🏛🛕🏗🏘🏟🏕

Yes. I am supporting France though i am a Nigeria. But Ngolo Kante has been my favourite star player and i will always be his fan

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That shirt is almost as orange as your nugs.
Have a good game.

Thx ✌⚽

Looks like some fire cannabis

it is, tastes like there's love in it