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some old photos. This was the mother plant of my own seeds. And that's the same kind I smoke now. what you see above. Yes I don't have much to report. I'm a bit tired of all the renovations. Also on Saturday. It's driving me crazy. Hang on a little longer. Tomorrow I hope to find peace.


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I shouldn't complain so much, especially when I have such good weed. And it tastes softer and tastier by the day. I had a nice week, I went to Antwerp and later I visited my brother in Rotterdam. Which was still funny. I let him and a buddy of his taste my weed. my brother said to 2 times that he thought he heard a fire truck. that we didn't hear. and his buddy who normally does talk was also completely tame. Yes, this weed is strong but also very soft. Have a nice Sunday everyone that you can do whatever you want.


Hahah nahh you're allowed to complain. Construction noise is rough. And the vibration, banging, water shut offs, etc etc. Totally disruptive to life... and when people have issues already, it just makes things worse. Not fun. I've had nonstop construction here now for almost 2 years (in Feb). And no end in sight! All through the lockdowns and everything, never a break. And they're not even really getting anywhere! Really nasty. Hang in there man. Happy weekend.

thanks bro. I was really lazy today and that did me good.

Danky stank




Whatever your doing it’s working!

My secret is what you give your plants 2 . love

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