holy vague shit

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I have a nice box for my weed
Hello beautiful people. Today a box of what I ordered arrived by post. It is the ark of the covenant. And think it fits as a weed box. I still have a box around it because this is from China and I don't know if it will come off. If it had been real gold I would have put it in without plastic.



My weed is a mix of amnesia and hindukush


I like holy vague shit. I am not really religious myself. But firmly believe in cannabis. Thanks for everything and see you next blog ✌😋



That is freaking sick, lol! You need to get an Indiana Jones hat and a whip and take photos opening it, 😂

😂🤣Shit now I have to get a whip lol

That’s sick dude! A beautiful conversation piece. If the ark of convent really exists, I’m sure those would be the strains in it.

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haha maby some big mac f2 lol

"You can put you're weed in there"

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