Helena x pbb from b.i.f. and art 🤗

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the paintings you see were made by my grandmother and the figurines by my mother, but that is not the point. But thought fun to put on it.
This plant is the healthiest plant I have grown so far. The roots on this plant are large, so a large pot is recommended. this is about week 6 and getting 12 hours of light now. I can't wait for her to really bloom
It's the first nice spring day here. And I'm a lot happier right away. Here in the Netherlands there are still lock downs and a curfew that starts at 10 am. And it does not make any progress. But what I want to say. a little sunshine is good

I once made this statue in a distant past. It's soapstone. I hope you liked my blog. Peace to you see you next blog
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Dude that plant is looking amazing!

Ps im sure the guys told you, but make sure to post your updates in the Helena x pbb channel. I do pics and weedcash posts ;)

oke I try you mean on discord