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I had a bit of trouble with little critters in the earth. And burning did help. But they weren't quite gone yet. Now I have sticky sheets that they stick to. I hope this is the solution now. I can't find diatomaceous earth here in garden stores.
This is my fertilized pbb. I took it out of my other tent and put it under my 250 watt lamp
I put him outside for the light
a close up
I think she's almost done too. I'll let her grow a little longer
After a thorough cleaning of my tent. I did the other 2 plants under my good lamp. I also only have the lamp on 60% power and the red spectrum only on 40% Then she can get used to the transition. the light goes from 24 to 18 hours
They are quite high and I'm not sure how to crop them properly. advice is welcome. My plan is to bend them a little bit first. and that was it
thank you for coming to take a look & for now I wish you a nice day


Well I'll be honest.

I'm really look around and find that diatomaceous earth food grade especially.

Next up use a high-powered fan spray of water. Helps to blow any critters off. Then place that right in front of the fan to speed dry.

I generally take my plants outside and let them soak up some really nice Sun. Rotate and leave the vegetation in front of a pretty stiff breeze but not anything that's going to break branches.

If you have to support the plant physically I've actually done that and with larger plants had multiple people helping.

And however you can kill those bugs.... I put a couple extra fans in there moving air around to make it difficult for flying insects.

And also some rocks as well as a little bit of sand on top. See if you can't prevent them from burrowing into the soil.

Don't feel too bad! I've had experiences with bugs that just frustrated the heck out of me...

And hey one year I had elk. Imagine your tree going from 10 ft to a foot tall overnight. And then you also got a 2000 lb horned animal passed out in the middle of your patch.... Yep elk are bad.

thanks yes in the new tent there are 2 more fans and I think those sticky death traps did the trick

Well keep on top of it and learn everything about your enemies... And kill them.


Reported the issue... Bad multi comment.


Well keep on top of it and learn everything about your enemies... And kill them.

Well keep on top of it and learn everything about your enemies... And kill them.

Love those sticky traps!

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theye cheap also so thats a big plus.
I just ordered a ph meter. I should have done years ago, but everything in due time

A nice little death trap... I'm not raising any cannabis, but I really need to find a better solution for my peppers. Relying on the local reptiles isn't exactly the most elegant solution. lol

i like ure word little death traps 🤣✌ succes on your peppers


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someone make me a bot how can do this I pay 2000 weed if it works

What are those, some kind of gnat?
Keep on growin'!

I have no idea if they are mosquitoes or fruit flies they are small and they were in the soil I think. it'll be fine

Okay maybe gnats then.... generally they are small flying insects that lay eggs on moist soil. Sometimes the larva burrow and suck the juices out of the roots, causing damage. Sticky traps and DE usually work well against gnats.

If you cut the just born little leafs, it should develop 2 or 3 main tops, keeping the low height. But you can always bend it, if it is not enough :)
Love the purple...
Peace & Weed
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Thanks I try it

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