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I was in a store and I saw this. Funny but I put it back. I'd rather grow real weed. But the packaging was funny.
I'll translate it if your Dutch isn't great.
earn hundreds of euros
Always wanted to own a cannabis plantation? Completely legal and right in your own home. no fertilizer required. just add water. No more expensive lamps or energy costs and no more hassle with harvesting. and forever stoned
But also no smokeable weed


Heheh, but around here companies would be afraid to say "earn hundreds of dollars" as a joke, because they could get sued for false advertising. People in North America can't take a joke! :P

You are also not allowed to sell nonsense in advertisements here. But you won't be charged so easily here, especially for something like this

There's a time and place for everything, even jokes like this! We should embrace humour when it's done with good intentions and not hurting anyone :)

it's wasted money. but because I earn so much from this post I'm going to get a few for fun


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At least it's a funny gift


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Now that is my kind of gimmick. lol

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