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I can't resist sharing some pictures and some thoughts. While I roll my last joint before going to sleep. I'm finally done with my finances. my tax which I luckily had some help with. But that's a burden off me. Other than that, I'm not doing great, I don't sleep well, I worry a lot about everything. But not everything is in my hands. But luckily things also go well. Just like this plant. It had a slow start but she is in good hands now. she gets light from 7 am to midnight and 250 watts.
This is the big mack and I got it from @jonyoudyer Me big friend. And I'm very curious about it. My plan is also only 1 plant but give it plenty of space. And I'll keep this 250 watts until I get to the flowering stage. and then I switch to the 750 watts LED
This plant is now in resting mode. So that's why the leaves are hanging and the fan is still on



image (2).png

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Last week I told you about that magic book. at least that quotes book. And that's where I looked for the meaning of life. there are a whole lot of them. But I do remember a few. You have to yourself. giving meaning to life and the other was that life had meaning. then that would do it short of life. or in other words you can have multiple callings and that can also change as you get older. Which I think is a nice ending to this post. I myself sometimes lose the meaning of life. With all the craziness and negativity around you. But usually I quickly find a goal to go for.
Have a great day everyone and see you next Bladiebla blabla


Looking happy....
How many days since seed now?

3 weeks I think