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Saturday evening and I'm back on a level. And I made some nice pictures of some beautiful weed, the peanut butter breath and the wedding cake.



downstairs you can see the peanut butter breath and above the wedding cake.



Today was a beautiful autumn day. And even though the seasons do something to me. I must say that I can enjoy it more and more with the changing seasons. The colors of the leaves. Can I really enjoy. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a walk through the woods with my mother. will do us some good.
Life is short. And most of the time I sit at home doing nothing. To be annoyed by a renovation. Yes, they were there again today. But I've resigned myself to it. It will take at most until Christmas and then it will be ready. I just have to keep going. And even though this was one of my toughest years. I'm still there. I have some damn good weed at home that I made myself. And I made some very interesting new friends. Everyone has their struggles. But remember it's ups and downs you're going through. And the valleys make the peaks extra beautiful. I can also enjoy the dips or the setbacks. Not always but if you struggle through it. always feels good. I try to go through life in a positive way. And because of all the bullshit you eventually become stronger and who you are.
whooo what and wise words the meds work really well with a glass of bacardi

Yes, I'll just finish. I hope you liked this post. Lately I've been annoyed by simple blogs with only a photo no text. I think that's a shame and a missed opportunity. sometimes the pictures are interesting but if there is no further content I might as well go and see something on google, I want to have said that. everyone sleep well for next time and be great.


Frosty, wedding cake is my all time favorite...still. I can't get my hands on the one I use to smoke 3 years ago. Still on the hunt.

It's only weed you can buy if they were seeds I would have picked them up and sent them to you

Yea, that's how I feel. I just want to package clones and send them-off to growers on hive.

I'm excited as we get deeper into autumn here in Florida. I love the cold holiday season.

I can really enjoy rain when I'm indoors. I like the cold less. But the colors of the leaves are beautiful